Image by Ava Sol

Dear New Client,

On your arrival you can expect a warm welcome and any nerves to instantly disappear. You will be offered a glass of something to drink and led through to have a warm soapy shower. What happens next is definitely an R18 event!


The tempo is up to you.

This means, for your private time, all you need to do is choose your style service! Will you opt for a raunchy PSE, a slower more intimate GFE, a luxurious sensual massage or perhaps a bit of kink to entertain your fantasies...?

I invite you to peruse my website in its entirety. I have showcased just a touch of who I am and my services; come on in, have a browse and get in touch. Literally. I look forward to enjoying each other in person. 


One might say, "It will be like an adventure!"

Red Rose

A few words to the wise...

At your appointment:

The cleaner you are the closer we get, please soap up well, rinse off very well and use the mouth wash provided to you

You are expected to pay upon arrival - this is often referred to as 'taking care of the paperwork',  once taken care of, we can both enjoy our time


Your time is specifically allocated to you. Escorts are known to run a tight schedule so please never arrive early or late, if you cannot make it, let us know! 

Consent is mandatory - this goes both ways, ask your escort her boundaries so you have a lesser chance of crossing them

Post appointment, a polite follow up thank you message is nice, but try and remember we are running a business and as much as we love spending time with you, we won't text back and forth all day!