Get to know Amanda Jameson

(Hard and Fast Facts!) ahem… a touch about me before you book!


Whilst I like to retain a bit of mystery, I also wear my heart on my sleeve. Here is a snippet about what sort of lady you will be meeting.

  • I am a morning bird not a night owl

  • Often I am in the great outdoors, hiking and mountain biking in particular

  • I have an eye for property development and investments

  • Cooking does not appeal, though I do enjoy eating

  • Classic rock, southern rock and classical is my music of choice

  • The symphony orchestra and ballet are something dear to me

  •  ...Also I am a bit of a petrol head

  • I enjoy live performances, not pre-recorded. For this reason, I do not go to the cinema or watch much on television, but I do like the theatre / impromptu hilarity during conversations (nothing I do is scripted unless asked!)

  • By nature I am a multitasker

  • Affectionately known as 'the energizer bunny'

  • Known as house proud I believe there is a place for everything an everything in its place, the only place I am dirty is in my mind

  • Roses are my most favourite scent in the world, I only wear rose perfumes

  • Travel grabs my heart strings

  • Always happy, my whole-body shakes when I laugh


To know me and my depth is not something I advertise. That’s something reserved for gentlemen who indulge in endearing long-term appointments with me. Perhaps it is something you will discover. Always authentic I strive to maintain a safe and harmonious oasis for you no matter where we meet. 

Whether it is a freak or a lady in the sheets, our conversation will flow easily and always be one of warmth, humour wit and intelligent curiosity.


For when I say I look forward to meeting you, by golly I mean it!


AJ xox

Book a date with AJ!

Should we have had the carnal pleasure of meeting each other, this will be super easy. Just check what date and time suits your schedule prior to enquiring when I am available. Sometimes it helps if you can offer me a few times, so we don’t have to play ‘cat and mouse’ and orchestrating a sexy rendezvous is simplified.


Then simply email / text with your preferred time, date, duration, location and chosen service style.

I then book us a room and confirm with you ASAP.

(Word to the wise, emails typically get replied to sooner than texts)


If you have not seen me before…

Please read my website thoroughly before you make contact.

A good rule of thumb is to approach my business the way you would with any other business.

I will require a name, contact method you prefer, and all the times and dates that suit you.




No reply?

A: I may be busy. Indeed, I probably am!

B: Please feel free to resend enquiry in the off chance it was overlooked unintentionally


Still no reply?

Have you double checked your enquiry? I receive a lot of messages and only reply to polite gentlemen. ‘Hi, u avail?’ will not render a reply from me. This helps me eliminate time wasters and I can then concentrate only on the clients I know I will enjoy also.

Availability at Luxury Premises 







Monday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Tuesday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Wednesday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Thursday 10.00am - 4.00pm

(Friday reserved for regulars)

Weekend a possibility!

Wellington CBD

The House of Jameson

Evening Incalls

I am more than happy to come in to see you in the evening for a booking of two hours or more at the luxury premises I am entertaining from, subject to my availability.


Evening rendezvous and outcalls

Terms and conditions:

New clients may be asked for a 20% deposit of the booking fee to be paid into my business bank account to guarantee your booking. This is expected to be paid within 12 hours of booking or I will not reserve a room.

Upon receiving this I shall send you confirmation followed by address closer to the time we have agreed upon.

Updated Pricing

Over the years I have been told by many friends, colleagues and clients alike my prices are too low.

“You should be charging waaaay more.”

As my regular clientele appreciate, I have kept my pricing as low as possible for as long as possible. This was in no way a reflection on my consistently conscientious service, but for your benefit.

To sustain my presence in my beloved industry it is time to put my PRICES up a fraction.

I appreciate this may affect some of you, yet also appreciate your ongoing support and choosing to spend quality time with me.


This will take effect on the 28th of October 2019