Bold and the Beautiful

Bold and the Beautiful was written to describe my journey of escorting in New Zealand, pre and post the Reform Act of 2003. I wrote it to share my memoirs, observations and at times humorous stories about what really goes on behind the scenes of an industry I know inside out. An industry where so many have pre-conceived outdated ideas.

While the sex industry is called so, I refer to it as the adult industry.


Part of the stigma that latches on to my  industry is due to society’s interpretation of a simple word. SEX. You see, this is wrong. Since this is ONLY a fraction of what this career entails.

Without having been a client or a professional in the industry, you will never get to see what really goes on. How we really think. How we keep ourselves sane and safe, all while having the gift of independence.


In a financially, socially and personally rewarding career, I have found my place in the world. A multiple award winner, I am a career escort. Earning and maintaining a well-respected status. As a past street walker, stripper, parlour worker, escort agency owner, nude model and current independent escort, my view is varied, I have nearly ‘seen it all’.

This is an invitation to peruse a world unknown to many. A world not everyone will understand, but everyone is welcome. You can leave your hat on.