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Bon Vivant

Deliciously sensual date night in...

The hedonist experience, our bespoke evening
of luxury at my private apartment 

This interlude is less about boundless energy, and much more about intimacy shared between two people. Think chemistry, think sensuality; relaxing, skin on skin, focus, intention and carnal lust... then don't think at all...


Welcome, let me take your coat... quietly pleasantries are exchanged, now take my hand and follow me inside. Do you like the view? Unwrap my silk robe to discover a full set of elegant designer lingerie adorning my body. Ambient lighting showcases this as well as delicious refreshments on ice, sweet treats and canapes to nibble on at our leisure...

After a warm soapy shower, would you like me to join you, we will re-enter my softly lit lounge, aromatic, warm and aesthetically pleasing; it's time to really relax, we will start with a glass of something special

Lay down on my heated massage table while I expertly perform a sensuous candle lit massage; in rhythm to the subtle erotic music playing in the background. Your body though relaxed, feels electric with anticipation as I drizzle hot oils all over you... body slides and seduction, are you ready now to saunter off to really explore each other?

Image by Becky Fantham

$350 hour

$500 1.5 hours

$750 2 hours

Slow, intimate and sensual

Teasing and seductive

Dreams do come true


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