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A lady on the streets

My extensive experience allows me to give you an extensive experience.

I am dedicated to giving you first class service. Every single time.

The first thing you should know, is I am happy and confident. The second thing is YOU will leave me feeling happy and confident. I don't just want you to feel amazing when you are with me, but also long after you have left, skating on air. Escorting is my life, it's my passion. I exude sexuality and will easily strike a genuine connection with you. I have been described as someone who is energetic, really gives a damn and... dangerous! (in a good way!) 

My love of the great outdoors keeps me 'fit and fabulous', my interests are varied and numerous. Perhaps yours are also? I enjoy a glass of champagne with you while we get to know each other or reconnect for a few moments, but am also just as happy ripping each others clothes off. It's that unbridaled, desperate heat that gets me going. Show me some enthusiasm if you want me to really turn up the volume, let me know before you turn up... because hey, I like to get dangerous with YOU. (I expect you to ask me to slow down by the way, I'm well known nationwide for my Energizer Bunny status.)

Don't worry about not being able to keep up, it's not a competition ~ unless it's a competition! I am just as fluent at taking things at a more seductive or sensually glacial pace. Leaning up against you, tracing my hands all over your trembling body, discovering your erogenous zones, learning what makes you tick in the moment, (we are always evolving)  and teasing your mind and body into a state of being on the verge of the ultimate climatic explosion.

My aim is you consistently receive top notch experience, your way, the Amanda Jameson way. Simply contact me to arrange our special date together. 

Image by Erik Gazi

Physical Aspects

Classic Hour glass figure, busty, toned, flexible and strong, I take exceptional care of my inner and outer wellbeing. Physically, I have been likened to a modern day Marilyn Monroe  and a combination of several porn stars on more than a couple of occasions. 


Due to the nature of my business I like to present myself to you in all my glory so keeping up with my favourite sports, Aerobics, Boxing, Hiking, Mtn Biking, helps me achieve this 


After my daily meditation, I dance in the morning while getting dressed to pep myself up for an amazing day ahead. 



5”6 (without heels)


Slim and athletic

NZ European

Tanned supple skin

I hold myself with confidence

Expressive and animated  

Considerate communication


Tasteful piercings and coverable tattoos, though I don’t typically hide them as I am not ashamed to be adorned in art.

"It's whats on the inside that counts... and I will make you melt"