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Whether you are new to this world, or simply new to me, thank you for checking out my website to learn more! Upon reading my information and 'liking what you see', feel free to connect with me via email or text. I can't wait to dazzle YOU! 

Dear New Client,

So the appointment is booked and you are nearly here, anticipating something amazing! On your arrival you can expect a happy welcome embrace and any possible butterfly nerves to dissolve instantly. You will be offered a glass of something to drink, a bit of a chat to 'break the ice' before being led up the stairs to have a warm soapy shower. (Look up for an eye opening view...)  


What happens next is definitely an R18 event! The tempo is up to you.

This means, for your private time, all you need to do is choose your style service! Will you opt for a raunchy PSE, a slower more intimate GFE, a luxurious sensual massage or perhaps a bit of kink to entertain your fantasies...?

I invite you to peruse my website completely. I have showcased just a touch of who I am and my services; come on in, have a browse and get in touch. Literally. I look forward to enjoying each other in person. 


One might say, and this one often does, "It will be like an adventure!"

While I have your attention,

Your ethnicity, nationality, creed, physique, age (legally of course), is of no consequence to me. If you are polite, hygienic, don't take yourself too seriously,  and treat me good, I will without a shadow of doubt, treat you better.


Keep in mind; This is not just at the appointment. How you message me will dictate if I choose to reply to you. I don't have enough hours in the day to reply to every enquiry, so it's a great idea to stand out for the right reasons! Due to only seeing gentlemen who respectfully introduce themselves, I will never reply to 'hey', ' hi', 'u avail?'. 

(I don't mind my regular clients enquiring for an appointment in shorthand)


Should you enquire with the following, I am MUCH more likely to respond: Name, Date, Venue, Duration, Have we met before, Any other notes! 


Thank you! AJ xo


A few words to the wise...

At your appointment:

The cleaner you are the closer we get, please soap up well, rinse off very well and use the mouth wash provided to you. You are also provided a range of mints, antiperspirants, colognes, hand sanitiser etc for your convenience. 

You are expected to pay in cash (NZD) upon arrival - this is often referred to as 'taking care of the paperwork',  once taken care of, we can both enjoy the flow.


Your time is specifically allocated to you. Escorts are known to run a tight schedule so please never arrive early or late, if you cannot make it, let us know! 

Consent is mandatory - this goes both ways, ask your escort her boundaries so you have a lesser chance of crossing them. Let her know if you have any ailments or health conditions she may need to be aware of.

Post appointment, a polite follow up thank you message is nice, but try and remember we are running a business and as much as we love spending time with you, we won't text back and forth all day! 


Many of the happy gentlemen I have had the pleasure of entertaining over the years have kindly written some reviews about my service and their experiences with me. 

I invite you to check them out for yourself, you may find them a source of inspiration

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