When booking

I will require the following to ensure we are both in the same page:

Your name


Style of Experience

Date and Time

Location preference

I also thank you for letting me know if we are to be newly acquainted, or if we have had the pleasure of meeting before.

If you are new to the world of escorts, please let me know so I can help guide you more if you wish

Feel free to read my book Client Advice

Confirmation of Appointment

The entire booking process should be easy. I only take email and text appointments. Then there is a written memo on times and details for us both to refer to. It is easier than one of us having to call when the other may be busy.

On the morning of your appointment I do appreciate you sending a text or email confirmation.

Alternatively, life does have a funny way of getting in the way of living - if for any reason you cannot make your appointment, I do expect you to let me know at your earliest convenience.

During your appointment

I adore feedback! The more you open up to me the more likely I will be able to give you exactly what you seek. While I am intuitive, by keeping the lines of communication open, I am more able to read the room.

Don't be shy, I have 'heard it all before'!

Post appointment I graciously accept a follow up text or email regarding your appointment with me, do feel free to leave a review of our time spent together.

It helps affirm my service for future appointments.


Manners will get your nearly everywhere!

The following are a few expectations I have to make our appointment absolutely flawless

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Treat me good, I'll treat you better

I find the best way to ensure you have an exceptional service in ANY industry, is to be polite. Your discretion and confidence in me is absolute. There will never be a time I compromise your health and safety. I simply expect the same back.-


Wellington - Wairarapa - Hutt Valley - Kapiti


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