Thank you to all of you who replied to my survey! There was a lot of responses to thumb through and I really value your input so I can provide services in line with what suits your needs and desires.


Here are some updates, with more to follow. This will be a living document.



My new private apartment is ready  to entertain in on the 20th December! 


Pre-bookings are GIVEN PREFERENCE, short notice 'available now' appointments are never guaranteed.  I understand when the mood strikes you 'want it now', so do I! Fate and I favour those who book in advance.


Which brings me to requests of outfits, this also needs to be discussed prior to the day so I can ensure I have everything on me.



You may come and visit me in the CBD. Weekly updates will be published over my social media platforms if my availability changes. Go to my APPOINTMENTS PAGE FOR AVAILABILITY!


Outcalls will remain available over 7 days a week, 7am up to 10pm. I can assure you I am a trusted professional and am always a welcome guest wherever I go. I take my shoes off. Unless you want me to leave them on. (wink wink)


I am happy to visit you at your private residence as well as hotels, covering the CBD, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa.


Outcalls preferred 2 hours $500, or minimum hour at $300 to cover travel time and costs etc.  Travel costs may vary depending on location. I always endeavour to keep my pricing as low as possible for your benefit.



My pricing structure is varied. Recently I put prices up a fraction, as necessary with all businesses. For those of you who are used to paying a bit less I do hope this does not cause inconvenience on your 'having fun budget'


All my pricing is GST included.



Cash in NZD only or:

You may pay to my business account prior to visiting but not at the appointment as I need to see it has cleared first. Obviously if you cannot make it I will refund the money right away.



Please do not bring me chocolate or flowers. As kind as they are, I don't eat chocolate anymore. And I never ate flowers. (ha)... If you would like to bring me something that would make my heart flutter and other bits tingle, please check out my WISHLIST page. Please consider donating to a charity close to yor heart.



I am happy to share a glass of bubbles with you, but if bringing a bottle of something I will assume it is a gift for me to devour at a later date. Let me know if I will need to get a couple of flutes on arrival.

As always, it is a pleasure to be of service to you and I cannot wait to see you soon! xx