Are we there yet?

My thoughts come down to the ‘simple fact’ that none of this is simple. It’s freaking complex and I reckon we need to remember it’s made us absolutely worn out. When worn out and feeling, helpless, for lack of a better word, things can get heated. That’s no one’s fault and I certainly don’t see any blame on anyone for navigating this shit show as well as we can.

There are arguments to all aspects of this. Throw in some conspiracy theories, some which seemingly have eventuated, and it adds to the confusion. I suspect it comes down to our core values to a degree. We all want to feel safe and when we feel like a caged animal, even if going to the vet to get better, we react with fight, flight or freeze.

Indeed I think I have reacted with all of those processes at differing times over the last few years. Which is another thing. The duration of this has taken a toll on even the hardiest of souls.

Add to the that the ongoing concern about, paying bills, what happens if I get sick, not being able to travel, disrupted plans, not being able to say goodbye to our dearly departed, having to cover up in a mask, the rules changing, the variants varying and the general lack of control over the whole thing, it’s no wonder the mental health stats have grown exponentially the last few years.

Fundamentally I think we are all collectively scared, even though we are notorious for throwing on a mask and being brave. Because hey, the unknown is scary.

Disagreements between our clan and friends and everything we see on the news is also going to take its toll. They say, “it’s science“, then others retort, “science must be questioned”, it’s a never ending story and that’s the really frustrating part. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. And when we did last time, we didn’t recognise it was an oncoming train.

We are all facing a huge situation, one we have never been prepared for, or even considered would happen, one that affects everything about our existence. It can feel like we are mourning for the life we once knew. Then we worry about the future. With often no energy reserves left for the now. We worry about health and safety of ourselves, our friends and family and witnessing division of our community at large. It’s a grand scale of concern. We want answers but does anyone have them? Time will tell.

Regardless of if you are anti or pro vaccination, anti or pro mandates, or somewhere in the middle just trying to do the right thing with the limited confusing, often at times conflicting and changing information we have, the only thing that no one can argue with, is we are tired, and in time, I would like to say I promise, the best really is yet to come xx