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Dear Diary, Update 2:

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

So in a chaotic worldwide flurry of 'what the hell just happened?' It has been a rather sudden and extraordinary ride of being even more productive. Indeed my house has never been so organised and clean (and I am a meticulous clean freak from waaaaay back)

There is always much to do and living on a farm has blessed me with much needed fresh air, sunshine and respite from the ongoing news across the world. Of course I am still keeping up with what is happening - yet also feel it is imperative to take a seat (not that I will sit on it for long) and just keep calm and carry on.

So far I have organised EVERY room and drawer in my house, wiped every surface, cleaned and polished every tap. My home sweet home is reminiscent of a show home for sale. Only there is certainly no open home in progress.

I have been writing oodles to update my websites, trying to keep in touch with 'the girls', keeping an eye out for anyone who seems vulnerable, and plotting my return for the future. Behind the scenes admin is my favourite thing to do right now - as often I don't find enough hours in the day to do so.

Gotta make hay while the sun shines

Arising at 5.30am gives me time to meditate and write my ever growing list of 'things to do' over a cup of tea. I have compiled a list of 'inside / outside' activities dependant on the weather. Fitness and eating well is my new thing. (Let's see how long it lasts!) Which is funny as I never used to eat breakfast and some days I seemed to live off air and champagne. Ahem.

Exercising three times a day, eating healthy, continuing studying my two courses, writing my next book, regular communicating, planning and having a laugh is what is going to get me through the following weeks. Also reminding myself if and when the solitude feels tough on the soul, the very reasons we are in collective lockdown. The chains of communication must remain open. Imagine if we didn't have technology... I will never complain about technology again. Ok I will. But not today sunshine!

I must confess I do miss working and my clients and often wonder how everyone is doing. Discretionary purposes dictate I will not ask you, but I am thinking about you all.

There is a influx of, I imagine possibly temporary, changes going on in my beloved adult industry with more and more dancers and working girls hopping over into the realms of AVN and other platforms to offer online services, content and voice calls and other measures of business continuity from a distance. Please support them if you are able. Every bit helps.

I however, will only be uploading photos and clips to my current AVN. You see the thing is, I am a writer and a face to face person. Talking on the phone does not bring me joy! I don't even take phone calls to make appointments. And I am sure you don't want to hear a lot of, 'sorry I am unavailable right now!' So I will say it once. 'sorry I am unavailable right now!' Done. I will post photos and snippets to my Twitter page and my Instagram page which are FREE to view. The more risqué photos will be on my AVN

Do ask me who else to follow at this time when you may be relying on your hand more than usual... wink wink

What else... ah yes, this arvo I shall be doing some provocative photos - nice of me eh?

And for goodness sake, take care of your health. More so now than ever, as YOUR health will affect everyone.

Be like Baloo. Shop only for the Bare Necessities.

Love AJ xx

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