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Nothing personal

As a professional, we are wise and advised, not to take any sort of rejection personally. 

This is of course, excellent advice. Which I have given to other ladies as well. I will continue to do so.

However; being in such close proximity to another human being, especially one you have known for numerous years, how can you NOT have some sort of personal reflection. 

Not based on rejection, rather; based on a lengthy timeline of establishing a connection, even though in a professional sense, we are human after all. 

I suspect we touch each other in many different ways. 

The way you are nicely treated, is remembered with such fondness. 

Today I reflected while driving home. It fills me with a great sense of satisfaction that I have been in the industry for several years. It is exactly who I am. It fits me. It makes me feel like ME.

And I realized, I love making you feel like YOU. Over the years I have met many wonderful gentlemen and ladies alike. I really am a lucky piglet.

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