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Paying for it - Wgtn showcase

First things first, I don't get out much. So if I venture out after dark, you better believe I want it to be worth it. I was most looking forward to seeing Paying For It. But was it worth it?

Without a doubt.

Upon my early arrival into town, I popped up to see the Paradise ladies, only to learn many were going as well, (some for the second time) so off we strutted down the road to the venue. Which was quite nice really, as I had assumed I would be alone in the crowd. 

At the venue I ordered a Jameson (shock horror!) and took my seat as the lights went low, the empty stage glowed and patiently awaited some company. 

Whether or not the many people in the audience were in the industry, I shall never know. It was refreshing to feel the vibe of the audience was a safe place. To be among the politely curious. The experienced. The darkness of the audience shed little light on who was who. And maybe I would have been stereotyping if I wagered a guess. But this was what the story tellers collectively reminded me the most. Let's dispel the stereotypes. 

We all come from somewhere. Some silver spoon fed. Some the school of hard knocks. We all walk our own path. That was what was so brilliant about the sheer courage it took for these performers. They gave the performance of a lifetime, because it was about their lifetime. It was raw. Parts were sad. It was grand. Every minute of it captivated me.

To quote one of the amazing speakers; "we don't get better, we get kinder." This was a reflection of my own thoughts. (To say some have been hardened by the industry - yes I have heard that before. But again, it's not everyone's experiences. And yes, the hard times can be what define you. And healing can take time. What you do with that is up to YOU.)

I laughed I nodded, I shook my head in empathy. My cheeks hurt from laughing at many parts I could resonate with or easily imagine. I took my hat off to the parts I had not myself experienced; but could see how the strength would be necessary to pick themselves up and their genuine pain from telling some of these stories poured out into the room. You could feel it. 

It would be my honour to help sponsor the continuation of this incredible show in any shape or form. 

In summary, I highly endorse the concept, the delivery, the stars and of course the producers. 

I thank every person who shared, and also for sharing the beats of your heart.

A mandatory ovation.

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