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Sexual trends

Over the numerous years of my career, I have noted some tings.

The steady phase of sexual activities which seemingly become a trend of the moment.

Years ago the trend, the "thing to do" on many clients bucket list, was anal. 

Then doubles. Then triples. Then strap on. Then golden showers. Then foot fetish. Then anal play. Then doubles. Then squirting.... and it is sort of like fashion. It keeps recycling itself. 

Which I find fascinating.

Now, we can assume the current trend of porn could be a heavy influencer of this, but perhaps it is also forums. And general chit chat. Perhaps putting the idea in people's heads.

"Ooh I haven't done that! I must do that too."

A while ago a forum I am a part of, had a thread about fingering women. 

That week nearly every client, yes nearly EVERY client, wanted to vigorously finger my snooch. I am not a prude by any terms but that was fucking annoying. 

I am not a piece of meet to tenderise. I am a woman. 

I am looking forward to the trend of trampling. As I have a few people I wouldn't mind digging my heels into. 

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