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Update 3, Dear Diary

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I have been quite quiet of late, yes yes, that’s a first, but it has been for very good reason. I barely have time for all my projects so am alloting myself time increments so I can get everything done. Drinking copious amounts of tea. Getting up at 5am helps beat rush hour to the kettle in the morn.

Next stop more content for my AVN Stars!

... but first!

What have I been doing?

Aside from really missing all my clients and catching up with my friends:

1. Signed up for 10 online classes via my pole class studio - including yoga, floor work, pole choreography and stretch work.

2. Studying my property course - though I admit this has taken a back seat the last few weeks as I am striding forth with my business plan.

Which has also involved designing and building my brand new e-commerce website, writing legal footnotes and resourcing products, packaging and more.

There is always much to do!

3. I took my hair extensions out! So when you do see me my hair will not be as long but it is definitely easier to maintain - so there is that. I paint my own nails so all is not lost 🤪

4. Gardening! Pruning my rose bushes, drying lavender, making massage oils and designing labels to print stickers

5. Riding dirt bike round the track

Walking the dogs

(Being walked by the dogs!)

Rollerblading baby!

6. Applied for a job to cover shifts at a couple of local ish resthomes, (I have done caregiving many moons ago) got job interviews via phone offered to me, but ultimately decided not to continue with that. Somewhat ironically the reasons I opted not to probably sound selfish (not a word I feel is often associated with me) but I have an unwell teenager at home and refuse to compromise theirs or another’s health.

...keeping on the bright side

  • Turning OFF the news and having purposeful downtime from what is happening, ignorance is bliss, the silence golden

  • Getting into my Transcendental Meditation at night has been a god send. I am literally out like a light. Except the night light as I have never been overly fond of the dark. “Let there be light”

  • Zoom Meetings with Ze gals. Champagne included. I feel like one of those modern world tech people talking into a screen! Certainly not the same as the real thing but needs must. And the laughter is a definite MUST have accessory this season

Which reminds me - SWoA entry is a priority so I best get my skates on. Once I get my rollerblades off.

What about you?

Love AJ XO

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