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What turns me on?

Yes, I know it will sound 'somewhat boring', but MANNERS turn me on. Decorum has a huge impact on how escorts will relate to you and wish to see you again. We like you being nice to us. Whether we are escorts or not, it's common sense. Just be nice and we are happy.

Anyway. Let's get down to the details  about what turns me on.

Due to my extensive (brag, brag) knowledge about the human body and massage, I know that being grabbed in certain areas really turns me on. If you don't know where a woman likes to be touched, ASK HER, because we may be very similar physically, but we all get turned on by varying degrees of pressure, vibes from people, different smells, views, sounds and other things, it often revolves around all our senses.

I for one, like the tease, I like to know something is going to happen. And I don't mean sticking your tongue in my ear (NO ONE LIKES THAT, that polite giggling you hear is her being polite, and trying to crane her neck away, not encouraging you to do more. That AHEM means here's another warning. And that physically pushing you off her and possible swearing means STOP IT)

But I digress. FYI here are three things that make every girl feel good :)


There is nothing worse than getting intimate with someone cold and aloof who has no desire to even grunt in your direction. We get that you are shy, but we really want and need some feedback on what we are doing that you like, or don't like. And it may be true for other ladies, that if we know YOU are turned on, that can be a turn on in itself, so let us know. Growl a little, breathe different... Communication doesn't have to just be oral (no pun intended, well a little pun) it can be so much more than that. The way your body reacts to what we are doing is our key signs to either keep doing it, or stop immediately.


If you are not a naturally-smelling-amazing person, please use the colognes afforded to you in the bathroom after your shower. I love to smell the cologne mixed with your own pheromones. It is HOT. Why is it hot? Because it's a manly musky thing that I adore. So spray then walk away!

This doesn't just mean your wearing cologne mind you ~ regularly brushing your teeth, your tongue, wash your hair, clean your your nails. It all helps the intimacy we wish to create.


I like the look of stubble. (especially with a stetson hat corr) "Ride it Cowboy," It's hot, BUT! the feel of smooth faces. The smoother you are the more intimate we are. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.



1. You reach over and put your hand under my chin, or the back of my neck. Oh my goodness, Help me I am melting (especially if done in unison)

2. You grip my hips or my waist while we do things from behind

3. You aren't adverse to lots of positions and don't mind me guiding you into another room to play on the leather sofa, the chaise lounge, the kitchen bench, the floor, the massage table...

4. Watching (I am a bit of a perve like that)

5. Having my body worshipped. I mean really worshipped like you can't get enough of me. Down on your knees and really soaking me in

6. That small smile that plays upon the corners of your lips

7. It's a huge turn on to be bent over the kitchen bench, I like watching your jaw drop

8. Your fingertips tracing over my body, especially my upper back, my 'boozies', and of course, my inner thighs, it makes me super excited and wet, especially when I think you are going to 'go there' then you tease me and go back to my abdomen...

9. The sounds men make when they have intercourse

In a nutshell!

Physically I don't have a 'type'. I am drawn to people with good energy about them and read people by their eyes and vibration when they enter the room. It's a subconscious thing I have going on. So, if you worry "I won't fancy you', in that respect, don't worry. I don't have a set type. Just bring your manners and a ready smile, to me that is the A league. (...and maybe wink at me, winking works!)

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