The Adult Escapist Playground

Roleplaying is the act of assuming a different role from the one you live out authentically every day.


Often a cathartic way to express yourself, it is a way to learn, to grow and much more.

In this instance, being an adult themed roleplay, there will be sexual elements. This service is for you to explore your intimate fantasies you may not elsewise have the freedom to enjoy.

A roleplay with me can include costumery, regression, gender dynamics, dialogue, accents, props, scripted or impromptu. 

I never break character.

Simply lay out in an email what you want to explore with me, with as many notes as you like. 

You may opt to have fun in a double roleplay. I am blessed to be friends with several playmates who appreciate the need for discretion and who we can call upon should your fantasy detail this.


I will structure a scene befitting of your request, delivering it back to you in person with ease and a realistic flair.