Miss Fetish

"A Touch of the Sadistic Seductress; slower, purposeful, artistic, erotic BDSM"

A cursory example for beginners...

You undress, you are naked before me. You are perfect. Perfectly still. Perfectly vulnerable. Enjoy the moment. It is yours.

You wonder what will happen to you. I lean in close from behind.


Whispering words of temptation, of delicious instruction in your ear.


My body pushed up against yours. 

You are safe.

I guide you to watch us in the mirror.

Closing your eyes, you feel the warmth of my breath dance softly over your shoulders, past your neck, feeling the teasing traces of my fingernails down your spine, over your bottom... up your inner thighs.

I will secure you to four corners, smile upon your raw expose`, put you in your place and commit you to my playground. I will be clear, concise and hold high expectations.


Activities may include; no pain, pleasurable pain, extensive pain, partial  or full bondage, rope play, toys on you, queening, foot fetish, body worship, tickling, sensory play, NT, CBT, ruined orgasm, SPH, servitude, puppy play, strap on, pegging, cross dressing and or, much more or less.


The power dynamic in the room will shift. GENUINE SUBMISSIVES ONLY. I do not entertain or instruct anyone who does not understand or feel this is authentically  them. It is not a GAME to me and you will be told to leave.




Before making contact I advise you note the following:

  • This is MY playground. I make the rules.

  • For those who have seen AJ , this is a side of me I do not exhibit in PSE or GFE

  • Seekers of extreme strict discipline will be directed elsewhere

For more information visit my website: www.yesmissfetish.co.nz