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A Taste of My Reviews

What they said...

The following is a selection of reviews I have received online from happy customers 

Finally met Amanda today, and boy she was hot, she could be a porn star by looking at her. I decided to have a 45min appt as normally I would have a half hour if I never met the girl before as you never know if there's any sexual chemistry there or not, now that I have met Amanda I would definitely see her again for an hour. She has a fantastic soh , and the hottest bod I seen for a while. Thanks again Amanda.



Get taken up the stairs. Formalities ( shower etc). Get a great striptease and behold the sights that most men would fight to see. My goodness - what a bod. Very, very tidy. I won’t go in to details - thats for me and my memories. Needless to say I had a great time. (Best BJ ever). Amanda is great at her job and I am one satisfied customer.




Amanda I had a great , amazing time with yourself about two weeks ago. Sorry about making the clock stop. Hope you didn't get in trouble. You are better than whitakers chocolate milk ! Many thanks for fulfilling a fantasy . I hope I can manage to get an appointment again soon! 



Well, I had my repeat appointment with Amanda today. OMG. She is such a stunner. I have a hard-on just remembering my appointment. She really does have the most amazing body (porn star +). Her jokes, however.... well, they are ok. LOL. We had a great time trying to out-do each other with terrible jokes. It was a blast. I had a really good time. The encounter was very energetic and full of pleasurable experiences. To be honest, I am absolutely buggered and ready for a nap. It's pretty hard concentrating on work TBH. All in all, another fantastic visit. Thanks Amanda. You Rock.





Yesterday was amazing Amanda, maybe a name change is in order? Amazing Amanda the spaghetti eater... Yup, came up with that on my own.




   I just got back from an hour with Amanda. The words "fuck me" spring to mind. She sure is energetic. I picked her due to the PSE line in her profile on the 1NS website. When I asked about what that meant when I rang up, I kind of got the idea that the person on the phone wasn't too sure. It was suggested that it was just dirty talk. I'm not a big fan of dirty talk, but I had spent last night thinking about my visit to Amanda so I went ahead and booked her for an hour. It was just as well as that was not the case at all. It just meant she was open to suggestions.


   Amanda met me at the door, dressed in pink, with a huge smile and a kiss. Her lipstick tasted of strawberry s. I got to follow that lovely ass right to the top floor. I was treated to a flash of her pussy before I had even got a chance to pay her. There was a bit more kissing before I headed off to the shower. Once I got back she went from full on straight to supernova. Amanda has more get up and go than the energizer bunny.


   She made it clear that she would entertain any idea that I could come up with. She is not judgmental at all. I suggested a body slide and her only question was, with or without oil? I have to say that she gave me the best 69 I have ever had. Her pussy tasted great. To say that the sex was energetic is an understatement. Some girls can be a bit scary when they are so full on, but Amanda's smile and great personality put me at ease.


   I got to explore her tight body. I would be selling her short if I didn't mention that there is a pretty amazing brain that goes along with the body. We talked about all sorts of things. I should write a lot more but I'll leave it here. Hopping into the shower with me was almost as enjoyable as the time spent in the bedroom.


   Someone asked how she would handle a newbie punter? She is a very intelligent girl and I suspect she tailors her sessions to suit the client . I think he would have a great first punt. She would be a hard act to follow. Next time I see her I might have to book for two hours. I spent nearly an hour working on this post and I still feel I haven't done Amanda Justice.




   While some people attended dawn service today, I decided to attend porn service instead. I had my first time experience with Amanda today. I only punt a few times a year, and my decision to book Amanda was largely based on the number of positive reviews that she has received. I'm the kind of guy who likes to do research and have as much information as possible about something before making a business decision. This might also explain why I'm single and rarely get laid. But hey, enough about my sorry ass.


   Amanda exceeded my expectations in both looks and performance. It's been mentioned several times by others on here, but her photos do not do her adequate justice. The main thing that I will say about her service is this: she is very, very good at what she does. I don't know where she received her training from, but I wonder if Amanda and Peaches received their postgraduate degrees in sexology from the same institution.





Just spent an amazing hour at lunch time with Amanda, she brightened up a miserable Wellington day. She is gorgeous and has an amazing body, a great personality, fantastic at what she does. Don't need to go into too much detail as most has been said before but for me 10/10 and 3/10 for her jokes sorry !! Will have a big smile for a long time. Me and "Tubs" say thank you Amanda xxx





   Last time I saw Amanda I swore I would need an hour next was that next time. Every thing you have read about this goddess is real. This lovely lady is like the energizer bunny (complete with the double D cells) on steroids, non fucking stop! This is one lady who knows how to entertain you be it with great conversation, sense of humour, yes she even tells jokes, or amazing oral skills, Amanda is a 10/10 in all fields. Now I know by writing this review I am shooting myself in the foot and making it harder to book her in future, but I've always been one to share my toys. It is always a pleasure to pleasure a woman who loves her job. My only concern was the risk of suffocation when she almost crushed my head between her legs every time she came. Maybe next time we meet the score will be a little closer.


   Gentleman, if you have a bucket list Amanda should be on the top of it, forget Vegas or Paris, Amanda is a must see, just make sure you knock back a couple of "V's" before you booking so you can keep up with her insatiable appetite to fuck like there is no tomorrow!




   Being a newbie punter I am so grateful for those who have gone before me and detailed their Amanda experiences as it helped me - I did not expect to add comment to the forum but really had to after today. I sampled Amanda this arvo following the reviews and wow she was as good as it gets.... Opening comment of " I want to give you a BJ and then fuck you hard and fast" was too good to be true...but it was!!!!! The oral sex was of legendary status and having difficulty with a condom, after a hard and fast time she let me finish between that amazing set of D cups that she has.


   Amanda is an absolutely stunning complete package of looks, sexiness, humour and personality suggests that I will be definitely back for more. For those who have not yet enjoyed her company you have absolutely no idea what you are missing. Thanks again to the reviewers and of course the lovely Amanda




   It would be fair to say that Amanda did things to me that I've not even read about let alone attempted. She is really forward and has a great sense of humour, both things I absolutely love in a girl. I'd read a previous review that you go to Amanda when you really want to fuck and I would totally agree with that. I'd booked an hour and we spent 45 minutes of that going at it in any number of positions. I spent the last 15 minutes lying breathless on my back wondering what the hell just happened. She really is great at her job.


   Had a repeat booking a couple of weeks ago and due to a stuff up by me, I only had twenty minutes with her. Despite not getting off my back, it was the best twenty minutes I can remember having.




Well,I recently had the pleasure to spend some time with Amanda ( three hours to be honest) Wow wow ..... Everything written about her is true would I do it again .... Hell yes. Amazing person, great sex, tons of laughter,

Can't wait to see her again




I had a fantastic appointment with the lovely Amanda today whilst on a trip to a wet and windy Wellington. She is absolutely brilliant, really very pretty with a fabulous body that she really knows how to use. She is also a very interesting person with lots of different interests who you could easily spend a few hours with. Amanda, thank-you for a great time.




   The one and only Amanda Jameson, smoking hot body and the mind to use it! I have seen Amanda once before but since then our schedules just never aligned so I was happy to be able to arrange an hour with her again. Arrive at the door of her new apartment and she invites me in and wraps herself around me to say hello. From that moment on it was a nonstop hour of hard, fast, then a bit slow, then hard and fast again repeated, fantastic sex. She has contributed to a couple of threads online about blow jobs and she is extremely talented and enthusiastic in providing them. I did provide her with a couple of challenges that she struggled with - especially once she started giggling but she never gives up (or stays still). Like the energiser bunny but with lovely big tits.

   She tells me PSE is her natural style which describes her well and she provided an unforgettably raunchy hour of no holds barred fun shagging and she really does enjoy it. And quite a few laughs because she is just great fun to be with. My thanks to you Amanda, for leaving me to wander off down the footpath past all the suits looking tired heading home, and I'm just smiling stupidly and getting flashbacks of some of the visuals I'd just had





   Another Amanda Jameson review, you ask? I say why not! A Sex Goddess can never have enough accolades! I am very late to the "Amanda Jameson Party". Our times never seemed to work out, but now that she's out on her own, we were finally able to arrange a mutually-agreeable time. Her apartment is discreet, well-appointed and easy to find. Amanda is very accommodating and the banter before the booking was brilliant.

   Anyone who has had the pleasure of Miss Jameson's company will know that she's highly-sexed, full-on and ready to go from start to finish. Amazing stamina and service! Make sure you've had a good night's sleep, before seeing this blonde sexual bombshell. I cannot wait for next time! Thanks so much, Miss Jameson!





   After booking an hour with Amanda a few weeks ago and having work get in the way I finally got back to town to book again. Wow what a hour it was. Amanda was waiting for me to arrive when I got out of the lift I just managed to read the apartment number when the door opened and a finger beckoned me in. The room was very well appointed though I did not try the massage table opting to get straight into playing with each other, we did discuss the option of a leather sofa which Amanda is thinking about adding


    Experience and confidence count for a lot in a WL and Amanda has it is spades. You can tell she very much enjoys her job of making you feel like a king. We didn't talk so much as joke with each other and really got on like a house on fire which made for some great laughs. What a wicked sense of humour she has.


   I very much enjoyed the BJ that moved into a 69 until Amanda came then some cow girl forward and reverse which turned into Amanda doing pushup of the floor onto my cock which then collapsed into giggles before some great DATY until Amanda came again. Then she kicked me off the bed to fuck me on the floor just like her signature says, she has a great shag pile rug which is fantastic for fucking on but don't bang your head on the floor when you finally come like I did. Thank you very much for an amazing hour Amanda and slinky gives his regards to Cynthia.




   Amanda's reputation precedes her in Wellington escort circles. So much so that I hadn't been able to contact her for a booking. That changed last week and I now know her best contact method.


   I had wondered whether she was very good at marketing and promoting herself but the final product didn't match the hype, but I shouldn't have. Greeted at the door by a magnificently toned body in lingerie who couldn't wait to get started. Straight into mutual foreplay after showering, followed by passionate mutual oral, which Amanda seemed to enjoy more than me. Told me she was ready whenever I was so several rounds of sex. Man is she fit. Held off a couple times so I could keep going it was so enjoyable.


   Amanda's profile says she loves her job, and she really does. She also appreciates mature men with good manners. Finished off with a great massage. What an hour. Can't wait for round two which I booked straight away.





Found the time to go and see the gorgeous Amanda again yesterday, once again left wondering why I didn't go back sooner. Damn she is good and just great fun to have play time with. Although I now have this image of a blonde Daisy Duke in tight shirt and cut offs.




   Amanda (OMG what a Goddess) Jameson. This wonderful Lady is incredible, Sexy as fuck and will make you kill for another round with her. On opening the door she will meet you with such ease that its as if you had been rolling with her for sometime. She is attentive and makes you feel like you're all hers, raunchy in every move that just makes you pray that the hour does not end. She has a smoking hot body, tastes absolutely delicious ;-) (trust me , i made sure several times) and she will wear you out with the wonderful positions that she uses on you well before you realise the time or your stamina can hold out.


   This review comes a week after my second visit in as many weeks as I couldn't stop wanting more from this amazing Goddess. I cannot rave about her enough, if you want to have your sexual eyes opened then please avail yourselves of this Joy called Amanda. Until Next time Amanda I'll be replaying our encounter again again in my mind and planning what else i can do to you and have you do to me :-)




   Since starting my punting run in December 2015 I have had the pleasure of spending time with quite a few of the amazing, talented and beautiful ladies Wellington has to offer (us Welly boys truly are blessed!), but todays rendezvous was NEXT LEVEL!


   Last night I had the time, money and means for a punt but business must of been good as availability was sparse with the ladies I was contacting. It was getting late, I was getting horny and I almost caved and was close to making a blind booking when I stopped, looked at myself in the mirror and almost slapped the stupid out of myself: Take a more well-reviewed booking tomorrow over the blind punt tonight so I check my "to do" list.At the top of that list was the very sexy Amanda Jameson. A few text messages later and I had a booking all sorted for the next days afternoon. Amanda is very easy to deal with and has a very personable cheeky manner so the seduction starts as soon as you make contact ;-) so I retire for the night and the anticipation starts building.


   Showed up this afternoon, plenty of parking, discreet entrance, up the stairs and the door opens... Then my jaw drops. I've seen pics of AJ before (on the forum, NZG, her new website and twitter - I do my homework haha) but as cliche as it sounds, her pictures do not do her justice! I can easily see why she was voted Sex Symbol.


   Her new apartment (A+) is now what I shall from this day forth call 'The Mecca of Sexuality'. Very tidy, plenty of room to play and she told me of some other little goodies she is wanting to bring in (naked twister anyone?).


   Paperwork out of the way and into a very tidy shower with all the offerings (bodywash, mouthwash, cologne the works). Great shower pressure, very clean and I head back to the bedroom where this vixen is waiting. I walk into the bedroom and as if magically perfectly timed, she drops the dress she is wearing in one swift movement just as I enter and is now naked, slowly walking towards me.


   We talked a bit and discussed what we liked; I'm a guy who has had pretty vanilla sex for most of his life so I ask of her probably the hardest thing to deliver - "something different".... And boy did she deliver! I wont go too much into the finer details of the booking but to sum it up, I booked a 1 hour GFE. If what I experienced today was a GFE, I will need to get medical clearance before I attempt an AJ-Style PSE! I mean AJ was simply amazing, she got into positions you'd only see in Yoga or a Lady Gaga video clip... "Something different" alright, this girl is next level.


   After the deed was done, she laid me down and gave me an amazing massage which I usually decline because I'm ticklish and prone to giggling like a fucken schoolgirl (emasculating much?) but it was good she even massged some kinks out of my neck (thanks AJ). During the massage we chatted more and I'm probably not the easiest guy to talk to during a booking but we clicked and traded a few stories - if you want a good laugh ask her about her Sound Effects haha.


   As well as being an absolute stunner who loves sex and takes pride in what she does, she is also an intelligent (although she tries to hide it haha), caring and bubbly girl. So to Amanda thank you very much for my afternoon delight fix, you are the epitome of sex on legs (yes I'm going to compliment you on them sexy legs over and over again!) There is still a long list of girls on my "to visit list" which will now take me twice as long to get through as I'll have to make room to rebook a lot more AJ Experiences!



5 stars - Highly Recommend - if you dont know, now you know, trust me.

"We're all perverts, some of us are just better at hiding it than others"





   I mean, I knew what I was getting myself in for considering all of her amazing reviews on this forum but ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? So I guess here's another one to add to the pile of praise for this amazing lady!


   I'm still shaking! She is so intense and she seems to genuinely enjoy banging! How bizarre! Given what seems like an endless string of terrible punts, the bucking of this energetic little golden pony is just what I needed. I fully understand the "Energizer bunny" reference now. SO HOT! OH MY GOD!


   She started the session off with such amazing confidence - she had me introduced to the twins (Daisy and Delilah?) virtually as soon as I had entered the apartment. She has that special quality where she can talk to you and within a moment is able to make you feel like you've known each other forever. Offers a great chat, is very patient and loves to have a laugh! One minute you're in erotic spine tingling bliss, the next she has you in stitches relaying a weird fact.


   Through text earlier I asked if she charges extra for PSE to which she responded that she is pretty raunchy as is. Talk about understatement of the year! During my drive home I was so tempted to do a u turn on Hutt Road highway and go back for round 2! Needless to say, I will definitely be back for more! Perfect 10/10 A+++++++++++++++++++





   I had some spare time on a Saturday coming up so booked a nice long session with the lovely Amanda. I shared some plans and ideas with her, for one I have never experienced her massage skills and we set up a time. My first visit to her new Petone apartment, nice discreet entrance and way bigger and nicer than her previous address. As usual she was bouncy and friendly when I arrived gave me a tour of the new place, showed me all the rooms including the bedroom. Which was about the only time I saw it because we didn't manage to leave the lounge once the champagne was opened and she jumped on me but I did make several discoveries.


1. The nice two seater sofa is just the right shape for a number of different activities other than and including sitting.

2. The carpet is soft enough it doesn't matter if you don't stay on the rug, so yes she will fuck you on the floor.

3. Provided you are compatible height wise the benches give great support for more upright endeavours.

4. You can grab a mouthful of wine easily as you pass by the bench on your way to another work out.

5. The massage table gives her something to hold onto while you, um, do things to her.

6. She has a nice penis. (penis shaped bottle opener)

7. She is a fantastic fun lady to spend some time with.


   I have finished bookings with her before and been surprised when she said what I had just experienced was not a PSE in her opinion, her normal service is pretty high energy. But I have to say this one was the absolute definition of a porn star experience (just without having 11 other people and studio lighting in the room) Walked or rather staggered out shattered and grinning like a fool, again. Thanks Amanda for blowing my mind again, guess I'll have to be back some time because I still never got that massage..




   I can hear the girls partying already as I'm walking through the door. I'm armed with chocolates and an arsenal of witty and charming greetings, but all I can manage is Oh Shit!, which, translated, means I suddenly realise what I'm in for. Two gorgeous girls with mischief in their eyes, two happy gals havin' sexy fun, and that fun is gonna be me.


   Next thing we're making our introductions and getting a feel for things while we admire the choccies and pour a drink, chit chatting a conversation that flies from place to place like a crazy blowfly when suddenly off! comes a shirt, off! goes a top! and I realise any thoughts of a slow sensual thing, candles flickering, clock quietly ticking, are fatally doomed cos I'm heading down that rabbit hole at an alarming rate. And we're all laughing, kissing and cuddling and then my nerves are settling, there's a voice in my head sayin' these gals are awesome, mellow, this is grand. Wahoo!


   Wet from the shower, the towel I'd put on for modesty is gone in milliseconds and it's party time, we're standing in a tight circle, our boobs pressed to together, just for fun y'know, and I'm pleased to see theirs are bigger than mine. Much bigger. Then we're on the bed in a blur of laughter tits legs arms bums pussy and, eyes! Those beautiful eyes! Peaches', green, mezmirising, I'm drawn in and I ain't coming back, Amanda's electric green, full of mischief and life.


   So I have a million things to distract me and all the while the A&P show, my kind of A&P show, goes on, more laughter, more banter and I suddenly realise that these gals are really funny, Peaches is firing out one liners like a stand-up and they're sparking off each other and I just wish I could concentrate but there's a pussy on my face and lips on my balls and of course my hands are reaching out for all sorts of treasures, until a minute later there's a whole bunch of new stuff going on.


   And somewhere in amongst all of this we named my cock Will. Free Will. Will I Am. Will E Coyote, the brother, the one that gets the Roadrunner. And Will was doing mighty well in this onslaught, he's dealing with a month's worth of attention in very short time, but of course he inevitably surrenders, white flag appearing, and the stage is set for act 2.


   I'm lying back, a reclining Budha, on Peaches, the perfect armchair, she's playing with my nipples, tying my hair up, cos by then they knew I was putty in their hands, softly easing the last fragments of tension out of me, while Energiser Bunny Amanda plays at the other end, and all the time is the banter. Peaches has the GFE going while Amanda's working the PSE and there's the LMFAOE going' on, all in glorious stereo. Happy slowhand, happy happy slowhand. Then suddenly Amanda's doing upside down splits and a backflip off the bed, can't quite remember the order cos she got me with the splits. And if I had time I'd tell you about the theatre sports.


   This, my friends, is pure magic, pure indulgent sexy fun. It's bucket list stuff, and it ain't ticking boxes, it's drawing a line down through the lot. These two are well aware of the power they have over a man, and they're experts at using it. It's a once, at least, in a lifetime experience, and while the thought of it is daunting, the reality is incredible.


   Do it. Bring your A game, and by that I mean bring your manners, a big smile, and your sense of fun. Choccies won't harm either. The girls will do the rest. Yes you will get very excited, but as Amanda said in the fun flurry of sexy txts we exchanged, we can do go as many times as you can muster.


   Amanda txted afterwards that I'd overpaid. No way darlin, what happened today was priceless. A never-ending session, cos somehow I'm still in Peaches arms, laughing, while Amanda does the splits.




   Cooorrr Blimey! If I hadn't already taken my socks off, they would of certainly been blown off. And not by Wellingtons' wind, but by Wellingtons' Hurricane herself, the one and only Amanda Jameson.


   I finally managed to get this girl to myself. As fun as it is sharing her with the beautiful Peach, I wanted to see what kind of trouble she could get up to on her own. Quite a lot it turns out. AJ is a force to be reckoned with! As soon as I came out of the shower - Boom it was on! I had heard 'High Energy' and 'Energizer Bunny' before, but wow, where does she get the energy? You never know what this girl is going to do to you next. It just keeps coming and gets better and better - and that view when she is on top is to die for. Probably avoid if you have funny turns or a dodgy ticker haha.


   I kind of can, and yet can't believe people would ask her to slow down. Her full on AJ sex may be a bit more than some can handle, but if you want to be fucked (I was going to be more polite, but it wouldn't be as accurate) like never before - that's what seems to come naturally and it's best just to buckle in and let her have her way with you. I would of made suggestions or said what I liked, but AJ was always one step ahead of me and knows what I like way better than I do. Best just to leave her to it and enjoy.



   I did find a way to keep her still enough to manage to fully appreciate how stunning she is by offering a massage. This may be the only way to give yourself a breather between rounds, although having your hands on her for any length of time will work you right back up.



   It's easy to go on about how stunning AJ is on the eyeballs, or how amazing she is on the senses. What really makes your session enjoyable is how fun she is to be around. Great sense of humour, I would say easy to talk to but there were more than a few moments where a coherent sentence was much more than I could manage. I can actually speak englandish AJ, I promise - just maybe not so much when all that stuff is happening and things.


If AJ is on your bucket list, make sure she is right at the top - she is the real deal! Thanks for taking my breath away Guv'. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. xo



If I have to attach a rating:



Heaps as bro/10


Clean with a duck in the shower/10



In your wildest dreams/10




Lots of fun/10



I can't imagine a better one/10


Main event

Hold on boys/10


Overall experience:




Hmm Amanda may of broken my template, and you'd all think I'm biased if I gave all 10's. I might need a cuppa and an early night after that.




   There are many reviews about Amanda Jameson, raunchy, full on, sexy, you name it, it has all been said about AJ. She really is a legend. But there is another side to her which I discovered recently. She quoted recently in another thread that she doesn't know how to go slow. ( I don't know how to quote that)...but I recently spent a couple of hours with AJ and found totally the opposite. She does know how to really segue into a marvellous GFE type of experience, slowing it down, with lots of tenderness. It was more than just sex, it was the conversation we had that showed exactly how beautiful a person she is. And that was in the middle of some of the most intense pleasure I have experienced.


   So if you are worried about your own performance with a lady such as AJ then don't. Just go and see her for the experience she can offer you. I will caveat that with YMMV but if you don't go and see her you will never know. She really is quite unique and to be treasured. A lovely person.





   A national treasure. AJ, AJ, AJ, where do I start? AJ told me that one review she received simply read "FUCK!" that's all. Well that poor bastard has my empathy, seldom if ever have my literacy skills been up against the wall like right now in trying to find words that do anything to capture the experience of a session with AJ. Probably the three words that most succinctly capture the experience would be "Marry me now!" Hehe.



   AJ has been on my wish list for a very long time, at least since our ChCh mid winter do which she wasn't able attend in the end. I was disappointed at the time but in hindsight I probably wasn't quite ready for the AJ experience back then.


   AJ is the whole package all right, just gorgeous from skin to soul, she has a flawless body and the personality to match and LOVES sexy sex! When she opened the door and I'd located her behind it we had a big sexy cuddle like old lovers and then she popped out her boobies for me to appreciate, oh and she is blessed with the most perfectly formed breasts you will ever lay eyes on but it is testament to her electric personality that after a few minutes she noticed that she had my full eye contact and I wasn't stuck staring at her tits! And believe me it will take something pretty serious to draw your eyes away from them - they are real beauties!


   We shared a glass of wine together then right there standing in the kitchen she throws a leg behind her ear and my hand between her legs, then spins around and grinds her bootie into my now bulging crotch while I feel up and down that taught body with my hands coming to rest around those gorgeous breasts - omg this lady is hot!


   And then shit just gets hotter from there, we bounced all over the apartment from place to place and position to position, on and off the bed, the floor, the kitchen bench until I'd got one away and AJ a couple (she has the sexiest orgasms!) it was like a scene from a porn film played on fast forward so crazy was it! Dripping with sweat we broke off for few minutes to refill the glasses(thirsty work sex with AJ!) and towel off before round two.


   She offered me a massage but it's a rare treat to lay your hands and eyes on such a beautiful lady so I choose to give to her instead and what a treat that was! Before long energiser bunny was all fired up and we were at it again going all sorts of crazy and getting the sweat flowing once more (to be fair she was really waiting for me - I don't think this energiser bunny comes with an off switch!)


   At the end of round 2 it's another point for me and another 2 for AJ. Ding ding 4:2, you win baby. I'll take a rematch though! Then just like that 90 minutes had disappeared like it was 30! Why oh why did someone not warn me I should have booked 6hours! We shared a shower together and I got to feel up that gorgeous bod one last time before parting.





   Well it's been quite a while for me and some time in the making but just recently I had my first consult with a legend in this industry Wellington's one and only AJ.  T'was some time before I found myself in the capital again with time on my side so texted to arrange an afternoon consult at her plush Petone office... then heard nothing. Me thinks this is not going to happen... then a few days later A J makes phone contact with me , turns out it was my shoe phone text that was playing up ! All good, time and address confirmed and we are all back on track... YAH says AJ. Amanda sounds simply delightful on the phone and I am super excited at the thought of a 2 hour consult with this stunning lass.


   Well Friday arrives and as the day slips by I take myself off to St Johns on the Terrace and got my heart strings detached, and a medication dispensed to govern my heart rate in case of over speeding episodes ... such is the reputation of AJ !

   Yep arrived on time sharp alert and attentive well prepared or so I thought before being buzzed up to her office. The door slowly opens and we both introduce ourselves with some huggles and very sensual kissing before she leads me into her lounge. I couldn't help to be impressed with the ambience of her apartment, soft warm lighting and just so tastefully laid out, it just had such a nice feel to it. AJ as many have revered here in the past is simply stunning, with gorgeous come to bed eyes and her presentation and attention to detail are just out of this world. Lots of smooching our hands busily roaming everywhere, and then a quick break for me to refresh under a shower before being led to AJ's lair.


   Well holy shit this is just where things go up another notch as this most gorgeous women with so much confidence and personality slowly undresses before sliding onto the bed to be entwined in a sensual journey for the remainder of our 2 hours, Mmmm, sorry no details. Our time was filled with lots of conversation cuddles kisses and we shared lots of our respective backgrounds, something that I'm usually a little guarded about, but with AJ she just has the ability to make you feel so comfortable in her presence and I came away feeling I had just met one of life's true gems.



   AJ has to be a true leader and mentor to many in this industry and sets the bar so high that many wishing to pursue this line of work could well take some notes from her. Maybe AJ could start up a school for ladies wishing to enter the industry.


   In short Amanda is simply stunning, so down to earth and well grounded, she has a real empathy about her in that she cares about everyone and everything, an off the wall sense of humour, just love her dad jokes, and you have to be there to appreciate the way in which she tells them, a personality that has few equals and in the bedroom she could put a horn on a jelly fish she is that hot... yes have it must be said a lady with some VERY special qualities. It was a huge pleasure to spend some time with Amanda.





1. If you haven't had an AJ Massage. Your missing out

2. If you haven't experienced an AJ BJ. OMG. You're seriously missing out.

3. If you haven't had the privilege of spending time with AJ. Your'e sooooooo missing out.


She is so much fun. Intelligent, witty, funny (has the most infectious laugh). And is so genuine. Do yourselves a favour, if you haven't spent time with AJ, you are missing out so much on a truly awesome experience. Book a time now.

I'm still smiling like a psyhco




I'm still getting a chuckle about


AJ : Turn over I want to suck your cock

Me : hmmm maybe, maybe not

AJ : *laughs, I've never been so blatantly rejected before, then smacks arse and says roll over..!!!...





   With it being my "naughty forty" birthday celebrations, this visit to the very vivacious AJ was the perfect choice for Friday fun times!! I requested AJ to wear her policewoman costume, so it was to her great amusement that I had the theme song "Bad Boys" playing on my phone as I walked in the door. Lol I was pleased it was just a quick chit chat and drink before moving on to the fun part. I didn't even get strip searched, even though I was armed and dangerous. Anything I said would be held against me..... Yes you guessed it "BOOBIES".


   As I was co-operating, we could then move on to the copulating. This sex bomb/sexpert provided a controlled, thoughtful, and yet instinctive sort of tempo that I had in mind. AJ must be a mind reader?! Hope she had protection, as I've got a pretty dirty mind. Lol After the first round I had a chance to catch my breath, and to share a joke or two. I had a lovely "AJ style" massage before moving on to round two..... just as well I didn't get an overnight booking as I don't think I'd get any sleep!Thanks Blondie.





   It's taken me a while to align the stars on this one but my god what a superstar and wasn't it worth the wait. AJ has been reviewed many times here with glowing praise and rightly so. So why add my two cents? Because I like to give praise where it is due and I cannot fault the entire experience from first contact to last cheeky smile.


She is:


- incredibly attractive

- fit, toned

- funny

- articulate

- interesting

- energetic

- clever

- so much more than I'd hoped for


   I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AJ or book more time with her. A living legend and one I am so very glad to have met. One more disciple to worship at the house of Amanda Jameson. Another thought.. while a lot of people comment on her energiser bunny talents there is a dial I found to slow things down. And fuck she's sexy when going slow and drawing out the anticipation of a climax.




   For quite some time now there has been one name at the top of my "must meet list". That name of course is the legendary Amanda Jameson. At last the opportunity to arrived on a rainy Wellington morning. There probably isn't a lot that I can say that hasn't been said before. AJ is of course everything you could dream she would be. She simply oozes sex appeal, I know for a fact that track pants have never looked so good!


   Amanda was generous enough to show me her newest photos from her latest shoot. They were gorgeous, take my advice guys and request the "Sexy Lawyer outfit". It is going to be very hard to top an encounter Amanda, the only logical next step is to see her again but this time get her to invite one of her sexy playmates along as well. Thank you for the amazing time Amanda, your reputation is so very well deserved. Until next time.




As some of you will know, Amanda Jameson is a super hero, and like all super heroes, she has a special ability. Amanda’s special ability is that she can put a smile on your face across time and space. I saw Amanda about 2 months ago, at her headquarters in Petone which are 310 kilometres south of here. Every time I think of her, the memory makes me smile. Fun, fun, fun!




It's been so long since I last saw the fabulous Amanda Jameson, when I recently locked in a date to re-meet, I recalled the first time and decided to write that down before the next gig happened...

1. Before the Gig 
Back in the DOLP era (days of liberal punting), I once saw AJ. It was a memorable event. Not just the encounter with a dead sexy, true professional; it was the point at which I finally gave my dick a name - Zippy - due to catching my scrotum in my jeans trying to get my gear off. Thankfully not seriously enough to stop the action. And what action it was... 

   The funny thing is that at the end of the oh-so brief hour together, I confidently said at the door on the way out that we’d do it again. To which I got a wee squeal and hug from AJ. Quite a pleasant surprise, especially as I know I’m really not that good in the sack and pretty darn ugly to boot. Still, I revelled in it and, funnily enough, remember that particular moment more vividly than other aspects of the thrilling encounter. 

   Now, years later, in the days of LOTP (less opportunity to punt) I’m finally going to deliver on the promise and catch up with AJ again. In the interim, I lament that things just aren’t the same anymore. A few of life’s crazy curve balls have been tossed at me over the years and I now don’t have the same opportunity. For this particular long overdue rematch with AJ, I’ve taken the exceedingly reckless (but truly exciting) step of inviting her home. So, with days and hours creeping like snails, I preoccupy myself with wandering round the house thinking, yep, we're gonna do it this way there, that way over there…..  And I made it out alive to write part 2. 

2. The Gig
Holy crap. Sex everywhere. Upstairs, downstairs, dining room table, coffee table, sofa. Even a bed! But then who needs one of those when AJ provocatively says “carpet burn??” and suddenly the floor is pretty damn appealing. Then she suggests we take the big mirror off the wall and angle it on the floor so we can watch ourselves. Huge fun. Damn, we forgot the bean bag she lusted after while we were planning earlier... but who cares?

   AJ is a heady mix of wicked temptress and lovely companion. Warm, expressive, chatty, funny and interested - genuinely - in you, however brief the time. And dead sexy with an eye-glint of lustful naughtiness. She's uninhibited and self-effacing, comfy in herself and, importantly, loves what she's doing. These are beguilingly hot characteristics if your intent is excellent sex with someone who's enjoying it too, versus just getting your rocks off.

   She's often been described as the Energizer Bunny, but that's hardly fair as that’ll only clap its hands and shuffle. Sure, she never seems to run out of juice, but by contrast, AJ's hands are everywhere at once with a body that's freely contorting in fluid motion in every which way.

   The better analogy for AJ is a Mustang GT. Luscious lines, classic curves, and an unashamedly old-school V8 under the hood. The kind that will burble oh-so-pleasantly but you know, god help you, it’ll let loose like a lioness when you put pedal to the metal. And it's bloody thrilling to know that what you've got in your hands is all grace one second and raw power the next. It's simply intoxicating.

   After 90 minutes of well-paced alternation of speed and cruise, it was sadly time up. I felt both shattered and yet still energised myself. As AJ drove away, I stood in the drive thinking: I'm an idiot for not reconnecting across the years. I'm possibly still an idiot now, as I know for sure I'm going to do it again, at home. In every location. And over again. Risky business, but then, as they say in that same old movie ‘sometimes you've gotta say "what the fuck."’ Hook up with AJ if you never have; make your move. She is *the* Wellington escort and a Kiwi classic.


   Simply incredible. There is a simple reason Miss Jameson has all these accolades, because she is more than words can describe! So despite all the accolades she still under promises and over delivers. Where are you going to find that? I had the distinct pleasure of spending 2 hours with this absolute goddess today and there is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said. So at the risk of sounding like a copycat reviewer I'll just tell my story.  

   It started with my reviewing feedback provided by many here and seeing Miss Jameson's twitter and Insta presence. Thinking to myself I took the plunge and emailed her with my usual list of talking points. Bubbly and exciting responses ensued and eventually I made the booking. However when It came to "D" day I transposed the time incorrectly and thinking I had arrived on time I was quickly advised I was in fact an hour late. Rookie mistake and with a very red face I emailed to grovel for forgiveness for my utter stupidity. I was quickly put at ease by AJ and allowed to make another booking.


   Again the day arrived and this time I hit the time requirement on the head, 3 minutes early lol. Amanda answered the door and was a vision, I pinched myself walking behind her thinking OMG!!. We entered the room and she turned with a huge smile and we hugged. After spending a little time getting to know each other over a glass of wine we slipped into something more comfortable and moved to the bed. I'm not going to be specific but there was a lot of laughing, rolling around and skin to skin.


   We spent a lot of time in hysterics as we regaled our life stories and experiences. Amanda just knew what to say and when to say it including the "random inappropriate words" lol. I had honestly thought 2 hours would be plenty of time but she is very addictive and naturally I could have stayed all day and pretended the real world didn't exist but unfortunately reality bit and it was time to say good by for now. Miss Jameson's has got to be on every man's bucket list because it wouldn't be right to go through a lifetime never meeting a woman so intoxicating. One of life's true gems I am already looking forward to drinking the coolade again soon!!





Had an entree last night with the main booked for thurs AJ was top of my bucket list. Even though I have now had the blinkin awesome experience of some Quality Time with her she will remain top of my bucket list. Is this a critical review Hell No Just add me to The Gov's already long list of fans. There is a reason I believe why she has remained at or very close to the top for so long. Time confirmed for Thursday,  now just have to find a gag so I don't talk the entire time



      So I was lucky enough to follow AJ on Twitter and saw this lady was visiting the city of sails.. got onto it and with very friendly banter and genuine fun the time was set.. nerves ensued.. she is a legend in this industry.. reassured totally so I rocked up.. very easy to find as she was on my doorstep.. so door opened and she hid behind.. nice touch cause when I turned around.. well.. AJ is stunning.. really bubbly.. really fun.. really receptive and engaging.. I won't go into much detail.. but this lady can massage.. oh and can she tease.. really reads your body..I hope she enjoyed herself as much as I did... been a long time since I managed a booking but damn I made the right choice.. I could go on and on but I will save the finer details for the two of us.. thank you AJ for an afternoon I will never forget.. I'm already trying to figure out how i can get to Wellywood for round two




     Eyes on this amazing lady for long time, finally got chance to visited her when she first tour to Auckland. Booking was easy with a bit of flirting, which is good sign. Open the door I was shocked by her stunning beauty in person even I saw a quite few her pics from her twitter and ads before. She totally got qualities like Hollywood film star, her perky ass and boobs, fit and tight body, very pretty face with sparkling green eyes. I told her I never have chance to see sexy symbol Marilyne Monroe but I'm so lucky to see NZ version Monroe which is you!

    Back to the bed room, we start from her ass massage my manhood when my hand hold her boobs she then turn her head to give me incredible BJ, from sensual to fierce wild. She showed her acrobatic talents in cowgirl position. I had longest ever DATY with her since her pussy is so beautiful and so so yummy! Have a bit nice talk then did several other positions , just can't get enough for each one of them. She full of energy in whole time of booking, best of all is her very bright, witty, smart personality, really light the room. Apart from plenty of moaning , we also had a lot laughing, she even show her wrote poem. That is impressive! I'm so lucky to have heavenly time with this legendary lady. Thank you AJ! So Boys, catch her if you can. I'm sure she will rock your world.



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