Prior to booking

Dear gentlemen, 


Professional escorts take care of their health. Logically, we are more able to take care of your needs, due to taking care of our own wellbeing. While I have many assets, brag brag, my excellent health is blessing number one. My intention is to go forth and live a long and prosperous life full of adventures, lusty escapades and reaching my goals. I suspect you would like the same.


As of the 24th September 2021, I am fully vaccinated. I will be receiving my 'booster' once it is due. I encourage you to make haste and get yours done ASAP! 



[The following is non negotiable - nationwide we are ALL required to follow rules]



One more thing before I proceed,

To my amazing clients whom I understand we share a mutual respect and genuine care for each other - I am sure you will appreciate the following. For any one new to me, if these new expectations don’t 'float your boat', then please don’t contact me. There are no exceptions. This is not about only my health but yours and our community at large.  I graciously thank you for your consideration.



Under alert level 2,  - you will be aware there were some changes in place so we could continue to operate.


Now we find ourselves under the Traffic Light Framework as of 11.59pm on the 2nd of December 2021.


At the time of writing this, the district you will find me in, Wellington,  (Lower Hutt) is at ORANGE. 

THIS MEANS; There are some NEW DEVELOPMENTS we must adhere to. Nothing too major but they NEED to happen without fail. That's where YOU come in!


         I can only operate if fully vaccinated, which I am as 24/09/21

         I can only agree to see you if you are FULLY VACCINATED

         You will need to show me proof of being fully vaccinated

The aforementioned is additional to the
Previous Level 2 Amendments...


No moist breath zones


Discreet and imperative

Kissing is completely off the menu - I understand some clients deem kissing to be an important part of the experience. Most of my regulars I am very fond of don't bother with kissing and remain very happy with the first class service they consistently receive. 

Don't get paranoid! This will not have anything identifying the industry or me. Essentially I am keeping a private record of your name, contact number, location and date visited, for a duration of 14 days. After this, it will magically dissolve into thin air. If need be; you would be alerted discreetly, without delay. For your benefit, I have laminated a Covid QR Code and stuck it to my fridge. Just scan it when you arrive, again, nothing identifying and 100% confidential.


If in doubt, don't!

I expect YOU to let me know if you have come in contact with any covid like symptoms and should you be tested, to let me know if I should be tested also. Respect. It’s a two way street. 


If at any time after making an appointment and you cannot make it due to not feeling well, please let me know. Obviously don’t even make an appointment with me if you are symptomatic. Call the dedicated Covid Healthline toll free, 08003585453



Naturally I reserve the right to alter this as new information comes to light and we navigate our working under these circumstances. I completely understand the current conditions are mind boggling, frustrating and concerning.


I hope you are getting through it to the best of your ability. It might not help, but try to remember we are all in this together. Even from afar. United we stand, divided we fall.

Take care and I do hope to see you in Orange. Now there is something I have never said before...  yours, AJ xo