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Sensual Services

Being comfortable in your surroundings makes your appointment so much better! For this reason I provide my services from a location created with an inviting atmosphere. From your initial contact through to your 'farewell til next time snuggle', let's explore your secret fantasies discreetly and sweetly. 

Lusty licks,  AJ xo

- The Girlfriend -



I am known for putting you at ease as soon as you lay eyes upon me. A GFE is the perfect way to spend an hour or so, and escape from the world outside for a moment. I look at it as a temporary bliss. But one you won't forget. Lost in a world of lust, let's connect and take time to wrap our selves around each other. Your every desire is met with a welcome embrace and temptation is evident. I encourage you to reach out and touch me, no need to be shy. This is YOUR time to relax, to unwind, to explore the lusty heights you may be craving. H ave I tempted you yet, to discover yourself again? The hidden desires you so desperately need to explore? Or just lay there and peacefully zone out,  let someone take care of you for a change. could be said an AJ GFE easily consists of the following:

Sensual massage | Playful banter | Body slides | Breast sweeps | Long drawn out seductive BJ | Full sexy service | Extra mile TLC | Genuine care and affection | Attention and adoration | Listening | Story time and jokes a plenty!

- The Pornstar -



A slight graze of a manicured soft hand along your thigh, tracing over your erogenous zones, expertly executed and tantalizing seduction make you shiver with ecstasy, a twinkle in my eye...  a lick of my lips, you become desperate for me, before you know what's happening, I'm doing the splits over you and riding you in reverse cowgirl, grabbing your hips and grinding deeply... round one... one point to AJ - but who's keeping a tally?

The elements of a PSE can be as individual as the person offering them. Mine is one you will never forget. An AJ PSE may include the following:

Multiple flexible positions | Dirty talk | Toys on me | Toys on you | Deep throat with lots of eye contact | Full hard out service | Tea bagging | Tie & Tease | Lap dance | Strip tease | Costumes | COB | Roleplay | Energy personified 

- The Massuese -



... it's not hard to imagine where you will end up, (what a sexy relief!) a light hearted conversation while you lay on my comfortable massage table sparks an erotic allure between us both, arousing your interest, your body melts under my hands. You become breathless in a state of wanting to wriggle, but staying put; begging me to continue. A light tap on your bottom, it's time to roll over...

Hot oil drizzles over you, it starts off innocent enough, then the magic of breast sweeps over you, light kisses around your 'areas' and you lay there, entranced by the naked oily lady in front of you, "is there anywhere else you would like me to massage today?" 


As you lay there blissfully aware of what 'just happened', I will offer you a glass of something cool to drink and perform a firm pressure foot massage. After your final shower I am happy to apply special deep conditioning heel balm to your tired aching feet.

Note: My massage service can be provided in silence with a blindfold or a silk tie if you so wish to heighten your senses. Relax in my warm hands. I attained my Massage diploma in 2012, have a wealth of knowledge of human anatomy and frequently told I have an amazing, intuitive touch. 

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- Your Investment -

Service Menu: The Process

To enjoy some intimate satisfaction with me, please select what service and duration you would like

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Girlfriend Experience

30 Minutes   -   $200

45 Minutes   -   $250

1 hour   -   $300

1.5 hours   -   $450

2 hours   -   $600

Pornstar Experience

30 Minutes   -   $250

45 Minutes   -   $300

1 Hour   -   $350

1.5 Hours   -   $500

2 Hours   -   $700

Luxury Massage 

30 Minutes   -   $180

45 Minutes   -   $220

1 Hour   -   $250

1.5 Hours   -   $350

2 Hours   -   $450

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