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Ladies: Welcome

A Touch of Amanda

My extensive experience allows me to give you an extensive experience.

I am dedicated to giving you first class service. Every single time.

Happiness and confidence are two characteristics I have in spades. Escorting is my life, my passion. A photogenic chameleon, I exude sexuality and easily strike an authentic connection with you. Often described as someone energetic, really gives a damn and... dangerous! In a good way. I've been referred to as, an angel in a leather jacket.

Hailing from the Mainland, I established my heart and soul into Wellington. It wasn't too long ago I would zip to town in my Redbands (gumboots for those not in the know) and strip off into something more elegant.

While my lifestyle has changed since selling the farm and moving back to the Hutt, my varied and busy lifestyle continues.

I always feel more at peace when I have 'lots going on'. Accepting life is short and it pays to, 'eat the universe and lick the spoon' while we still can. One of my favourite quotes, of which there are many, is one by Hunter S. Thompson,


Red Rose

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow!What a Ride!"

Which I guess could bring me to my love of the great outdoors. We are blessed in New Zealand to have magic in our backyard. If just floating about at home, I find myself smiling at the birdsong of Tui, Kereru and Bellbirds.

Every day I make an effort to get outside and play. It feeds my mind and soul and keeps me 'fit and fabulous'. My outdoor pursuits are numerous.

I am a published and avid writer, publishing my first book at the age of twenty. Often I will be writing in the small hours, or staying up that little bit later than intended to 'just finish this page'. Writing is my therapy.

The compassion I hold for people is unwavering. I genuinely love people and want the world to be a better place. To me, it's not rocket science. Just as well. Science is not my forte! 


Ladies: Our Team
Ladies: Our Team
Ladies: Testimonials

Physical Aspects

Classic hour glass figure, busty, toned, flexible and strong, I take exceptional care of my inner and outer wellbeing. I have been likened to a modern day Marilyn Monroe and a combination of several porn stars on more than a couple of occasions. 

     The Statistics

         - 5”6 (with heels)

         - Sparkling emerald / grey eyes

         - More than a handful firm 36DD 

         - Sensational nipples

         - Slim and toned

         - NZ European

         - Tanned supple skin

         - I hold myself with confidence

         - Expressive and animated  

         - Considerate communication

         - Lasered (everywhere)

         - A couple of piercings and tattoos

       The Presentation

  • Known for being energetic, and rising at 5am, I indulge in exercise daily; boxing, hiking and mountain biking. I do not take substances, nor do I smoke; consuming alcohol socially on occasion.

  • Always spritzed in perfume and even wear it to bed at home! If you wish me not to wear any for your appointment, do share this information in advance.

  • My look is chic glamour. Make up immaculately applied, nails expertly manicured and polished, minty fresh breath and a ready smile, I am always freshly showered and presented in classy lingerie, beautiful high heels and accents of sparkling jewellery.

The Pleasure

My favourite duration of appointment is 1.5 hours. This allows us time to flirt over a glass of champagne (or iced water) for a few moments. Connection is an important part of intimacy. Unless it's a PSE, in which case, enough talking, I was told it's rude to talk with your mouth full... (wink wink)
Regardless, if chatting isn't your ideal, I'm also just as happy stripping each others clothes off right away!

Unbridled, desperate heat gets me going. Show me some enthusiasm if you want me to really turn up the volume, let me know before you turn up... because hey, I like to get dangerous with YOU.

(I expect you to ask me to slow down by the way, I'm well known nationwide for my Energizer Bunny status.)

Don't worry about not being able to keep up, it's not a competition ~ unless it's a competition! I am just as fluent at taking things at a more seductive and glacial pace. Leaning up against you, tracing my hands all over your trembling body, discovering your erogenous zones, learning what makes you tick in the moment, (we are always evolving)  and teasing your mind and body into a state of being on the verge of the ultimate climatic explosion.

My aim is you consistently receive top notch experience, your way, the Amanda Jameson way. Simply contact me to arrange our special date together. 

Thanks for reading!
xx AJ

Red Rose
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