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Therapeutic and Relaxing

A step into my world, or a regular treat

Who would this benefit? 

Probably you! This service especially benefits those who do not wish for full service for whatever reason. You don't need to tell me those reasons unless you are in pain!


Perhaps you do not wish to chat, and simply desire someone else taking care of you. It suits gentlemen who yearn for that all important physical human connection, without full service.


I am always happy to tailor a massage appointment to you.

Though intuitive, the more information you give, the more I can accomodate. 


- Mediums -

I use a variety of massage oils, scented or non, massage wax, heel balm for your feet; sensory tools and a blindfold if desired, to heighten your senses. I perform your massage upon a heated, soft but firm massage table, bolsters applied to alleviate any unnecessary pressure, fresh quality towels, a relaxing aromatic spray helps relax your mind, ambient candles and lulling music set the scene.


- Style -

My style is SEXY and Swedish based, with an intuitive element, including deep pressure where needed and desired. I perform your massage nude, unless you request otherwise and efficiently discuss with you what you would like to experience with me.

I ALSO provide a sensual twist if you desire; and this will be discussed after your first shower, or while making your appointment - the choice is yours.


- Knowledge -

Human anatomy is a long held interest and an area I am educated in. I also received certification in massage in 2012, and up skill with workshops as I see fit. You are in safe and soft yet strong, warm hands.


I always ask pre massage if you have any contraindications I should be aware of. I am learned in First Aid and CPR ~ fate favours a prepared mind, do relax, the chances are you won't need it!

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