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Image by Alessio Soggetti

Cucumber Sandwiches & Champagne

You know how they say, and they say a lot, that variety is the spice of life? What if you don't like spices. I am such a stickler to what I like. I know what I like. It's my comfort zone.


You want to go sky diving?

No thank you, I do enjoy rollerblading though

Try it you might like it!

I really won't.

Here, try this

Ya - no thanks

You haven't even tried it!

I don't need to, I just like cucumber sandwiches and champagne, thank you though

Why don't you wear this nice yellow?

I don't want to wear yellow.

Why not?

I like black singlets and blue jeans.

Oh... how boring!

Not really, I just know what I like.

Hey, do you do Greek?


Are you sure.

Yep pretty sure.

Oh. You might really enjoy it, lots of girls do.

No. I can do Greek on you with a toy though!

No thanks (cue his uncomfortable laugh)

I understand, we know what we like and don't like.


Now I am not saying you shouldn't try something, evidently we have had to try new experiences all our life to know what we like. But there are many reasons we have, to not want to. And they don't need to be open to dissection about WHY we don't do certain things and why we do like other things. Or scorned because they do not.

Hell, if we were all the same life would be beige.

And to me, that is what the real spice of life is. Our differences. Not trying to make someone uncomfortable by pushing our opinion or ideals on to others.

When we try to push an issue you we could be opening up someones trauma, bad memories or simply being ignorant to their wishes. Trust people know what they like and don't like. And when someone says no? It doesn't mean, "try harder to convince me, I am sure I will do what you want eventually," as that my friends, is not consent.



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