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Image by Alessio Soggetti

SWoA ~ July | Christchurch


Well well well, look how another entire year has flown by and it is time for the THIRD annual art exhibition curated by my very good friend and colleague, the sassy fabulous Jordan Quinn.

Many of you may be aware, the SWOA was first hosted in Wellington 2019. A glorious affair of coming together (don’t be cheeky) and unity between all industry attendees. After a scathing onset of 2020 the universe said “ola darlings!” And the event prepped for Auckland went ahead.

(...amazingly in between two lockdowns, sheesh what are the chances!)

This year it’s in the Garden City of New Zealand and I’m hopping on a boat.

For my good self, things will be a bit different this year, not only have I penned another epic poem titled Down the Rabbit Hole, but also did some ARTY ART! titled... No Pressure...

Anyhoo champs; I ferrying back home to the mainland and roleplaying Postwoman Patricia Pat, carting many of the Wellington pieces of art in my car, so will be a long day. (Culminating that night in a sexy orgy with Aurora Dawn, Jordan Quinn, Pepper, Samantha Rox and Cookie Milf! What’s not to lurve?)

So I shall be driving like a boss, singing like a rockstar to no one in particular all the way to Christchurch. I have my podcast selection and playlist at the helm. For when ya know, my voice needs a break for my reading of my poem at opening night. (SWOA opening night, not the orgy opening... don’t be cheeky!!) will be like an adventure! Cin cin!






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