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Image by Alessio Soggetti

Old School Hustle

I have recently gone back to working at an agency / parlour - my lifestyle has changed dramatically and it suits me no end. I am super happy with what I am referring to as my "working holiday" as it has taken out the admin part of constantly texting back and forth, having to iron out what room is available and of course, for those who know me well enough know my thoughts on car parking in Wellington ~ it kicks even the hardiest of souls in the shin. Both shins. At the same time.

Now! Going to work in an agency is something I have not done for many years, strictly independent for so long, it was a surreal thing to have clients, dare I say, 'thrown at me' from day one. I am an excellent catch. I mean I am astute at catching.

Back in my day (here we go) - yes yes, back in my day, you had to do this thing called hustling. I was quite good in it in some regards, I was a lot more feisty back then also so this may have attributed to this fact. But now days, there is a different atmosphere. You don't have to preen yourself and line up as it were, to be picked out of the crowd. There is no angst in the lounge area as everyone is busy and 'doing their thing"

These days people PRE BOOK (damn that turns me on just writing that) and I don't have to do anything but have a merry yarn with the ladies, get myself dolled up and enjoy our time together. It's quite a magical existence having someone fabulous do all the pre booking activities and you just do the booking. (Aka, The FUN STUFF)

I even have my own locker! I didn't get a locker at school so cue the guffaws but that was such a trivial highlight to me.

And it's perfect for those who can NEVER get hold of me, ring or text Paris in Lower Hutt, they will know what to do :) Bless



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