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Outcalls of days gone by

In light of a conversation with a colleague and friend today, I noted outcalls are not nearly as popular as they used to be. My friend replied, "probably due to there being much nicer establishments to go to these days." To which I agreed, and added, "correct, and maybe due to so many hotels needing swipe card access."

Back in my day, (I love saying that), you could rock up to any hotel and go straight to the room via elevator. There was a sort of sexy saunter / strut you did. A purposeful walk of, "I belong here" so as not to draw unwanted attentions of the concierge and reception.

These days, with hotels upping security measures, you often have to meet your client downstairs in the bar, the lobby or right by the elevator. Which of course could look much more suspicious.

"Look at that girl... I bet she is here to corrupt an innocent man!"

Correct. She probably is. But that aside.

There are many changes in the industry I have noticed over the years. Many of them regarding outcalls. Many establishments don't employ a driver anymore. Fortunately this means no driver will come and knock on your door with said lady. No, these days many simply drive them self,  taxi or get the desk to take them personally.

I also note outcalls are often requested during day time hours in comparison to days of yore.

And finally... one also doesn't raid the mini bar like one used to.


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