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Why I love my career

Funny as it may seem, but it is not just the money. Obviously I don't do this for charity work, I do lots of sponsoring and manual volunteer work OUT of the industry! ...but there are so many aspects to my job which I appreciate of which are just as important to me. Some of these are as follows. Independence Throughout my career I have been self reliant. I have been lucky to never needed to ask for government assistance. As part of a team at agencies past hence, I have had to rely on my own motivation to get my tail to work, and ensure my personal life does not suffer time constraints.  I have never been indebted to a person or financial institution (until I got a mortgage) but of course, that is a debt I appreciate. Freedom Escorting affords me the ability to have time for other interests in my life. I choose my own hours and work around my other commitments. If I want to go for a Sunday Drive on a Wednesday morning. Guess what I am doing. Not waiting for Sunday. I embrace the freedom, while retaining motivation for work ethic, of being able to take time off if I need to. Self Expression Escorting affords me the allowance of wearing 'whatever I am in the mood for'. Within reason of course! I can paint my fingernails any colour I choose (even though its trademark AJ Neon Pink or Fire Engine Red) I have always kept a journal of my life, and some clients certainly warrant their own chapter (names omitted) just because I love to write and express how my day went, I feel It helps look forward to how one can improve themselves, and if necessary what they would do differently. Sexually I am a creative warm rush of energy, and I find great pleasure in the physical aspect of my career. I am able to have as many orgasms a day as I like... and people wonder why I am always so happy. Hmm, let me think... Social The social side of escort work is amazing! You work in an agency you get the best of both worlds, as you have the comraderie of the other ladies, as well as the gentlemen who grace your bed sheets. And if you don't, there are still plenty of online resources and forums if so inclined.   Escorting offers an endless supply of 'how the heck are you!', crazy sex stories, general chit chat and laughing. What's not to like?! Education I have met oodles of fascinating people over the course of my escorting career. Clients and colleagues alike. You cannot help but attain a new wealth of knowledge. Differing nationalities and walks of life, provide a reservoir of interesting tales and information I may not have had the pleasure of knowing otherwise. I have learned how to say hello in so many languages now I am now a 'hello polygot'! Of course, there are many other parts of education, self taught, books, online, word of mouth... whether it be a sexual technique, a health and safety concern, how to market oneself online in spite of being adverse to the blessings and evils of technology! One of the great things about sex work, is the many things you do learn, of which you can easily apply to other parts of your life. And you get to put on your teacher's cap and pass on the information to other people. We are all students and educators in the merry-go-round of the adult industry :) Business I thoroughly delight in running my own businesses. More so in the adult industry, as the parts of it you won't get to see, includes all the nerdy things I like to do. Accounting, writing, marketing, problem solving (there are more than you think!) cleaning, (yes cleaning!) shopping for supplies, networking, the behind the scenes playground of ensuring I am punctual, time efficient and generally operating the best I can.

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