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Calm your client nerves!

When I was younger version of myself I was an athlete.

Believe it or not. I was amazing. Operative word being 'was'. Prior to any race, be it sprinting or my favourite, the good old 1500m (being what us Kiwis are famous for), I would have a swirl of butterflies in my tummy.

People have never scared me. Fear of failure or success did. (Analyse this...)

I hated it.

I loved running though.

And I knew once the initial "eeeeek!" sensation prior to a race would be quashed due to the race commencing; the butterflies would magically fly away. I would think later, "I can't believe I was so anxious about that!"

It was fine. No one died. And typically I won.

Now. As I understand that feeling, perhaps this is why I am so empathetic when it comes to clients mentioning they are nervous.

I am the first person to say "it's just me! Honestly there is nothing to be nervous about."

(I am nothing if not humble and down to earth) but it's not until you have someone in your lair for a few moments, telling a joke, having a laugh, cupping their balls... you can actually see the worry wash off their face, "oh wow you are really nice!" (Why are these people so shocked about this!)

So I bring you ideas to relax upon meeting your chosen lady:

  • Breathe (easy eh) deep in through your nose hold it and breathe out

  • Make sure you have eaten, are well hydrated so you won't feel dizzy

  • If you are worried about anything physical, which you may perceive as a problem, tell us (it's no biggy) and you will most probably learn it is not a big deal to us either

  • Remind yourself we are only people too 

  • Enjoy the glass of what have you, or even better, bring a bottle to share (find out what she likes)

  • Book a longer appointment time so you can relax and take it easy

  • Choose a time that you won't be thinking you should be "doing such and such" so you can actually relax yourself 

  • Arrive a bit early then wait in car til time - thus you won't be panicked looking for car park 

  • Ensure you have correct money, no one likes that awkward moment

  • Let her take the lead

  • Accept that massage 

  • Use confident body language you can actually trick your mind into being confident 

  • Ensure you ask if you don't know, so there are no grey areas leading you to feeling unsure 

  • SMILE!! a smile relaxes everyone, the giver and the receiver 

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