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How to be a favourite client!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

  1. Always communicate politely, from initial contact, through the duration of your appointment and saying farewell at the door. Even if you are shy, it pays to put your best foot forward to ensure your escort is comfortable and at ease. Feel free to tell her you are shy. She is most probably an expert at melting those inhibitions away

  2. Be on time, not early or late, this is how we can assure your discretion

  3. Smell amazing, the cleaner you are the closer we get, makes sense really

  4. Be nice about other working ladies, don't gossip about them in our time together

  5. Never assume we will do such and such because so and so does or did that one time at band camp

  6. Appreciate our boundaries and rules regarding health and safety - they are there for a reason, they are all good reasons

  7. If you cannot make a confirmed appointment, let us know at your earliest convenience, prior to making that exciting appointment, ensure you will actually be available - and make note of any cancellation policy should your escort have one

  8. Pay fee happily upon arrival with no qualms about price, haggling is vile and we won't be smiling at you if you suddenly re-neg on agreed terms of our service

  9. Do of course be interested in us, but don't ask us personal questions, just like you, we are not there to be interrogated 

  10. If you want to try something, tell us! 

  11. If you don't want to do something, tell us!

  12. Remember we are professionals and have your balls in our hands

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