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How to REALLY go down on a woman

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

First things first, remember everyone has different likes. And just to confuse you that much more, sometimes we like it one way then we want it another! The Do List (in no real particular order)

  • Ensure your mouth is moist, a dry mouth will not encourage smooth licks

  • Kiss your lady's inner thighs

  • Look appreciatively at her womanly bits

  • Breathe in her sexiness

  • Smile and kiss her gently 

  • Run your wet tongue slowly up her pussy

  • And run it back down

  • Use the flat of your tongue

  • Use the tip of your tongue

  • Draw her clit into your mouth and suck on it gently 

  • Hold her hands under her bottom

  • Worship her body

  • Trace your fingers over her thighs 

  • Listen to her breathing

  • Kiss, lick, suck, repeat

  • Run your mouth over her pussy without your tongue, just your lips

  • Tell her she tastes and smells amazing

The Do NOT List 

  • Bite

  • Suck on clit super hard

  • Push your stubble against her 

  • Spit onto or into her huha 

  • Use fingers without permission

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