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Image by Alessio Soggetti

I bet you say that to everyone!

Something over the years of my working as an escort, is I pick up what is said before it is even said. Something else I pick up is how often certain lines are offed onto us. This is not a negative thing, just funny how often these things are said.

My favourite line a client often says would have to be "I bet you say that to everyone!"

Whatever THAT is in the moment is always changing, but now I wonder, does everyone else say THAT (whatever that is at the time) and that is why, it is then assumed it is said to everyone by me??

Somewhat ironically, I feel like asking back when they say "I bet you say that everyone ", is "and I bet YOU say THAT to everyone also!"

Well, 'tis starting to sound like a riddle so let us mosey on shall we?

I am always fascinated by how conversations go. I look at them akin to how I look at martial arts. It's a dance. I show you a move, you show me a move and before we know it time is up and we are both throwing the towel in.

There is an art to talking shit

Imagine how exhausting it is to be constantly showing you moves! Not everyone can do it - but - There is an art to talking shit (I am a true artist in this regard) but should you be the type who actually wants to have a deep discussion, I am absolutely thrilled to build a masterpiece with you.

And I am pretty certain, at no point in the depths of our conversation, while most fascinating on both parts I am sure it will be, there is not one time you will utter the words, "I bet you say that to everyone!" And guess what - neither will I.



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