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The Importance of Human Touch

Not only is human touch imperative to our sense of wellbeing, it is a fundamental human need. It is our instinct to reach out and touch someone when they are feeling poorly, sad or unwell, conversely to congratulate someone with a pat on the back or handshake. We want to touch each other. We need to.

Numerous benefits for the mind and physical body result from massage. It was not meant to be a luxury, rather, a part of life. Fortunately there are a host of ladies nationwide, who cater specifically to the sensual and deep relaxation techniques, that is the art of massage.

What I can do for you!

Invigorating and energising techniques

I possess very strong and capable yet soft and warm hands

Relaxing deep tissue massage

I like to concentrate on pressure points (aka trigger points)

A full body scrub using specially formulated coconut scrub

An intense foot rub using special foot balm for cracked heels

Incorporated with hot oily body slides, breast sweeps and an erotic view

The happiest of endings

Mediums used by me

Massage oils, erotic recipes made by me

Massage oil, plain and non scented

Massage Wax

Arnica, deep heat, ice gel, Bio Freeze as needed

Foot balm for cracked heels and dry feet

Strong smooth hands which remain on your body throughout

Bed or table?

Really it's what you are most comfortable, I find the table best as you are more aligned when face is in the face hole as opposed to being twisted off a pillow, or suffocated in one... As a qualified massage therapist, I will ensure you are comfortable for the entirety, and insist on you enjoying a few moments to gather your thoughts afterwards. I provide a glass of orange and mango juice or chilled spring water to help flush out metabolic waste.

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