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The Art of the BJ with AJ

Here are the some of ways I personally give a BJ to make you go 'Yike! Stop it I like it!' but secretly want me to carry on, you probably just want to slow it down so you can enjoy it longer yes?

First: I always choose the right sized condom. Because the reality is, one size does not fit all. Yes we used to be told it did. Your comfort and our safety is also relevant to the size used. We don't discuss it. After a quick appraisal, I just sort it out. You can relax and leave the measuring tape at home.

Second: One of the most important ingredients; Enthusiasm!! Lucky for you, I have that in spades!


You will lie down and relax, no not that part, and I will ensure you have a pillow under your neck

Positioned strategically in front of a large antique mirror, you will have the second best view in the room

I will kiss your inner thighs and balls lightly to get you aroused even further, twirling around like an ice skater with the tip my tongue, before long slow licks with all my hot wet mouth 

"Look, no hands" orally, I slide a condom deep over you, really slow to ensure you feel every slow and careful movement

I may kiss your length on the way back up to admire my view

Off we go, nice and slow, you may sigh a sense of impending relief and ecstasy, you may close your eyes for a moment, feeling the warm sensation of my tongue teasing the tip

I constantly ensure my mouth is nice and wet to really take you in

I watch you watching me

Using my hands to cup your balls, I squeeze them lightly before I grab your waist to pull you in deeper

Consciously I monitor your vital signs (no not your BP or heart rate, I mean your breathing, your skin flush, your eyes, your body language, the tone in your voice etc)

Frequently looking you in the eye, impassioned

I go down all the way, then just hold you in my mouth without movement, intermittently flicking the tip of my tongue over your shaft, while simultaneously sucking you in towards my throat

Breathing through my nose so you can stay inside my warm mouth

Feel me hold you in my mouth while I smooth my boobs over your balls and inner thighs

I can keep going, but you will ultimately give up on holding off, or you tell me "Cumming! Ready or not!" ...and you know you can do it again if the mood strikes...

THE LOOK OUT BJ (all the above plus some)

Suggestively, I will admire your body before assuming position numero uno (you may lose count of positions)

Sexily I manoeuvre your body to where I see fit

Spreading my legs into the splits and jump into a star position with my tail in the air, so I can bob up and down on your cock super hard, super fast. My V8 Blow Job style if you will...

I touch myself so you can see how wet I am getting, toys optional (I get pretty xxx-rated)

Variable pressure will be applied on your perineum to make your prostate go whoa

....insane positions 

You will stand up so I can deep throat you while I lay with an arch in my back, my head tipped off the bed at the perfect angle to consume you fully

Often I will go handsfree and appear to be bobbing for apples

When I do use my hands it will be to grab your arse and pull you into me

I simulate sex by a grinding fuck on your leg while I slide up and down over you

Eye contact is amandatory experience ( see what I did there? Corny eh)

You will know I like giving head as much as you do receiving it

I love giving head. It's a fact. It's a backed fact. I can show you if you like? Just book a time with your favourite sort noted, and I will happily blow your mind socks off.

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