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What's your fantasy?

In this day and age I like to think we are more accepting of other's sexuality, and our own, and what in previous decades might be frowned upon and looked at as taboo. Naturally I say this from the comfort of the western world, and of course I do not intend to offend anyone with my own sense of liberation.

What are we thinking about when we look at our own sexual trends. I am often asked what my fantasy is. I think I have done everything I sexually wanted to do. For now. I am however, doing what I know I enjoy, and take great pleasure in facilitating others fantasies. I frequently find other people's fantasies a turn on in themselves. So when I go to work I also go to play. She shoots, she scores!

I wonder if when you have done so many acts that would be classed by dear old society as 'taboo', you go back to the beginning sort of like how fashion goes around in cycles, as what is there to do after the 'weird and wonderful'? Besides; is it only weird due to not being discussed at high tea on Sundays?

That said, sexual fantasies are a very private thing, and I applaud those who discuss their own with me, and perhaps we can venture into some of these together.

Knowing that our own sexuality is not just physical, but  an evolving carousel of adventures and thoughts, how could we ever get bored of our own mind. An adult game of make believe if you will.

I embrace all the role playing requests I receive, and notice how liberating it can be for someone to even have the courage to suggest something on their bucket list of fantasies. Something one might not be able to do in their private life, for whatever reason, can often be the very thing I am willing to engage in. 

You only need ask and we can discuss a game plan. 

So. What's your fantasy ?

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