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Image by Alessio Soggetti


Labels can be tricky. No two styles are the same. You can have someone who offers a PSE who will have a different flair to someone else who offers this. That's ok. Nothing wrong with that. Likewise with a GFE. Not very often will you be able to say you got the same experience with different ladies. And that is brilliant! I like to think we all bring something unique to the bedside table.

The trick to ensuring you get what you want is to be descriptive. Don't just request a GFE or PSE. Think about what you would like. Suggest what kind. If there are aspects of the general type of service, ask what your chosen lady can incorporate or what style she may suggest.

Re: I would like a raunchy GFE

Re: I would like a slow, teasing and intimate GFE.

Ladies can then figure out what sort of tempo to bring to your appointment. 

We really do aim to please.



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