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Image by Alessio Soggetti

Some Reviews of AJ...

Amanda (OMG what a Goddess) Jameson

This wonderful Lady is incredible, Sexy as fuck and will make you kill for another round with her. On opening the door she will meet you with such ease that its as if you had been rolling with her for sometime. She is attentive and makes you feel like you're all hers, raunchy in every move that just makes you pray that the hour does not end. She has a smoking hot body, tastes absolutely delicious ;-) (trust me , I made sure several times) and she will wear you out with the wonderful positions that she uses on you well before you realise the time or your stamina can hold out. This review comes a week after my second visit in as many weeks as I couldn't stop wanting more from this amazing Goddess. I cannot rave about her enough, if you want to have your sexual eyes opened then please avail yourselves of this Joy called Amanda. Until Next time Amanda I'll be replaying our encounter again again in my mind and planning what else i can do to you and have you do to me... 

Daisy Duke 

Found the time to go and see the gorgeous Amanda again yesterday, once again left wondering why I didn't go back sooner. Damn she is good and just great fun to have play time with. Although I now have this image of a blonde Daisy Duke in tight shirt and cut offs. 

Full on Sex Goddess

It is hard to believe it until you experience her but Amanda really does live up to her reputation. Don't let her fool you, she is far more than just a stunning body and a full on sex goddess. 

Man is she fit... 

Amanda's reputation preceeds her in Wellington escort circles. So much so that I hadn't been able to contact her for a booking. That changed last week and I now know her best contact method. I had wondered whether she was very good at marketing and promoting herself but the final product didn't match the hype, but I shouldn't have. Greeted at the door by a magnificently toned body in lingerie who couldn't wait to get started. Straight into mutual foreplay after showering, followed by passionate mutual oral, which Amanda seemed to enjoy more than me. Told me she was ready whenever I was so several rounds of sex. Man is she fit. Held off a couple times so I could keep going it was so enjoyable. Amanda's profile says she loves her job, and she really does. She also appreciates mature men with good manners. Finished off with a great massage. What an hour. Can't wait for round two which I booked straight away. 

That Amanda Jameson 

Cooorrr Blimey! If I hadn't already taken my socks off, they would of certainly been blown off. And not by Wellingtons' wind, but by Wellingtons' Hurricane herself, the one and only Amanda Jameson. I finally managed to get this girl to myself. As fun as it is sharing her with the beautiful Peach, I wanted to see what kind of trouble she could get up to on her own. Quite a lot it turns out. AJ is a force to be reckoned with! As soon as I came out of the shower - Boom it was on! I had heard 'High Energy' and 'Energizer Bunny' before, but wow, where does she get the energy? You never know what this girl is going to do to you next. It just keeps coming and gets better and better - and that view when she is on top is to die for. Probably avoid if you have funny turns or a dodgy ticker haha. I kind of can, and yet can't believe people would ask her to slow down. Her full on AJ sex may be a bit more than some can handle, but if you want to be fucked (I was going to be more polite, but it wouldn't be as accurate) like never before - that's what seems to come naturally and it's best just to buckle in and let her have her way with you. I would of made suggestions or said what I liked, but AJ was always one step ahead of me and knows what I like way better than I do. Best just to leave her to it and enjoy. I did find a way to keep her still enough to manage to fully appreciate how stunning she is by offering a massage. This may be the only way to give yourself a breather between rounds, although having your hands on her for any length of time will work you right back up. It's easy to go on about how stunning AJ is on the eyeballs, or how amazing she is on the senses. What really makes your session enjoyable is how fun she is to be around. Great sense of humor, I would say easy to talk to but there were more than a few moments where a coherent sentence was much more than I could manage. I can actually speak englandish AJ, I promise - just maybe not so much when all that stuff is happening and things. If AJ is on your bucket list, make sure she is right at the top - she is the real deal! Thanks for taking my breath away Guv'. I'm looking forward to seeing you again. xo If I have to attach a rating: Parking Heaps as bro/10 Premises Clean with a duck in the shower/10 Body In your wildest dreams/10 Boobs ZOMG/10 DATY Lots of fun/10 Blowjob I can't imagine a better one/10 Main event Hold on boys/10 Overall experience: Batman/10 Hmm Amanda may of broken my template, and you'd all think I'm biased if I gave all 10's I might need a cuppa and an early night after that. 


I'm smiling now just thinking about your experience. While Amanda is full on, her sense of humor helps her be really raunchy without scaring the crap out of us more sensitive woosies. You really get the feeling she is almost unshockable. Her blowjobs are right up there but the rest of her skills are just as impressive. Not to mention she is great to talk to as well. 

Amanda Jameson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, I knew what I was getting myself in for considering all of her amazing reviews but ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? So I guess here's another one to add to the pile of praise for this amazing lady! I'm still shaking! She is so intense and she seems to genuinely enjoy banging! How bizarre! Given what seems like an endless string of terrible punts, the bucking of this energetic little golden pony is just what I needed. I fully understand the "Energizer bunny" reference now. SO HOT! OH MY GOD! She started the session off with such amazing confidence - she had me introduced to the twins (Daisy and Delilah?) virtually as soon as I had entered the apartment. She has that special quality where she can talk to you and within a moment is able to make you feel like you've known each other forever. Offers a great chat, is very patient and loves to have a laugh! One minute you're in erotic spine tingling bliss, the next she has you in stitches relaying a weird fact. Through text earlier I asked if she charges extra for PSE to which she responded that she is pretty raunchy as is. Talk about understatement of the year! During my drive home I was so tempted to do a u turn on Hutt Road highway and go back for round 2! Needless to say, I will definitely be back for more! Perfect 10/10 A+++++++++++++++++++ 

Aren't we lucky...

Seeing Amanda should not just be on a must-do should be a list of 100 things to do in life before you die! If a man was to visit only one escort in his lifetime she has to be the one! Aren't we so lucky in Wellington to have her :-) 



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